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The village of Govedartsi is located in southwestern Bulgaria. The village is located near the Rila National Park, along the Cherni Iskar River, at an altitude of 1268 m. The resort village of Govedartsi has a temperate-continental climate. The minimum temperature in January reaches -22.6 degrees Celsius, and the maximum in July is up to 30.3 degrees C. Above it is the majestic peak Malyovitsa, and the village is a starting point for those wishing to take a hike. At the foot of Malyovitsa peak there is a recreation complex “Malyovitsa”, where you can participate in organized hikes in the mountains. Here you can ski, train mountaineering and practice rock climbing. Public transport in this area is not very regulated, so the best way is to rely on your own transport. If you are in Bulgaria without a car, you can easily order from the car rental company TS car hire in Bulgaria. Since the terrain is mountainous, not every car model will do well. Order a jeep for rent or a powerful car for rent in Bulgaria and conquer all inextricably linked places on the Rila Massif. Contact our car rental specialists in Bulgaria and order your car rental. The car rental company TS car hire in Bulgaria offers its customers good prices for car rental in Bulgaria. If you are often in Bulgaria, you will be able to use the club card, which will give you the opportunity to take advantage of all discounts, promotions and bonuses of the car rental company TS car hire in Bulgaria.
Every place near Govedartsi preserves the historical memory of ancient times. There are many ancient legends and historical traces. Thracians and ancient Slavs left their traces on this land. The wars of Tsar Ivan Shishman and Tsar Samuel passed along these paths. Paisii Hilendarski and his followers were here, and the Rila Monastery, which is nearby, is the unquenchable fire of the Bulgarian people. During the Turkish yoke, the monastery was a bastion of the Bulgarian spirit. Order a car hire in Bulgaria, travel on these historic roads and feel the energy of those times. The car rental company TS car hire in Bulgaria will give you the opportunity to turn your vacation into a comfortable and interesting trip. There are historical traces at every step in Bulgaria, including near the village of Govedartsi, because important historical moments from Bulgaria took place here. If you are thinking of a holiday in Govedartsi, do not forget to car hire in Bulgaria to visit all the ancient places of this region. The unique nature, the majesty of the mountains, the clean air and the traditional life of the Bulgarians can be seen in the beautiful village of Govedartsi. TS car hire Sofia will present you the opportunity to feel at home using a car hire in Bulgaria.
Govedartsi is a nice and quiet village. You can stay in one of the hotels near the village. You will not be disappointed as the hotels provide the best services. There are special buses that will take guests to the resort. The distance is not great, so you will not have difficulties. Hotels in this area are known for their high level of service. You will see for yourself as soon as you get there.
You like that, but you are still not entirely sure? In the hotels you will find everything, you need. You will have a wide choice. Hotels are located at different distances from the village, an average of 1-2 km. There are also excellent hotels located in the village of Govedartsi. Many have a location with beautiful mountain views. Such hotels are very popular among tourists. The hotel room can be booked in advance, you can choose from the tourist sites of Bulgaria.
Many tourists prefer to stay in Govedartsi, as it is a fairly quiet village. Here you can relax after an active day. In addition, the village of Govedartsi is located in a very convenient place, there are many different resorts nearby and guests can always take advantage of it.
Most tourists choose to leave the village, and go on a tour to neighboring towns that are nearby. Many sights can be seen near the village of Govedartsi. In addition, there are special buses that offer excursions to tourists. One of these places is the maiden monastery “Pokrov”. It is also known as “Samokov”. It amazes visitors with its architecture. It was built about two hundred years ago and has survived to this day. The popularity of this monastery is growing rapidly. Tourists come to this place every year and their number grows every year. In the 19th century, this monastery had a special school for girls who studied weaving and spinning.
In addition, tourists often dedicate the historical museum “Samokov”. There was an art school in the Renaissance. Many different documents are stored there. The museum was founded a long time ago, and also surprises with its architectural structure. The museum contains various products, clothes, objects. The first exhibition was held in 1938. Tourists and residents of Bulgaria will be happy to spend their time in this museum and learn a lot. Our team and we will help you make the choice of rent a car Sofia quickly and easily. Without hesitation call or choose TS rent a car Sofia on the website of TS rent a car Sofia. We are waiting for you!

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Not far from Govedartsi is Malyovitsa – another small ski resort. You can have a good time there, especially if you are a skier. There are several slopes where you can rent snowboards or skis. This place is also famous for its restaurants and taverns that prepare delicious Bulgarian dishes. After an active rest, you need a good refreshment. In these restaurants, you will immerse yourself in the traditional Bulgarian culture. Many tourists like to climb to the top of the mountain. This is not surprising because there is a great view from there. From a bird’s eye view, you can see the area in a different way. There are also separate tracks for beginners and several lifts.
If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday, then Govedartsi is just for you. From this village you can go on an excursion to the nearest neighborhoods. It has a temperate-continental climate that is suitable for everyone. You will have a good time, and most importantly, you will take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Beautiful nature will relieve you of everything difficult and will help you relax. In winter, guests of Bulgaria choose this village because it is close to huge ski resorts. You can actively spend the whole day and then come to relax in Govedartsi.

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