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Sofia is a Bulgarian city with a rich history, which is more convenient to explore by ordering a car rental service in Sofia. You can see many wonderful sights and picturesque natural landscapes.
Attractions and TS rent a car Sofia
The Place of Light Week is located in the central part of the city, connected with various footpaths and boulevards. In the center of the capital, which is a zone for pedestrians, tourists and residents can enjoy the silence and beautiful natural places. The square is surrounded by administrative buildings, which are built in a modern architectural style.
You can book a car rental from TS car hire Sofia Bulgaria and go shopping on Vitosha Boulevard, where are various retail establishments. Here you can buy not only souvenirs and make any other purchases, but also a good time in a cafe or restaurant. Also here you can find a lot of cultural monuments, they are everywhere.
One of the landmarks of Sofia is the Church of St. George, built in the 6th century. The building was rebuilt many times, in the 16th century the Turks converted it into a mosque. Today, the church displays important events of history and the Saints on the frescoes.
The Church of St. Nicholas is decorating the square. You can also see a lot of ancient buildings here. Christian Cathedral of St. Sophia was built by the Roman people in the 7th century, it can meet interesting architectural directions, this is due to the fact that the church was periodically rebuilt.
Tourists use car rental services in Sofia Bulgaria to get to the historic district of the city, which has many attractions, striking with its beauty. Here you can see different museums.
Be sure to visit the Royal Palace, which was built in the 19th century, here executed the hero of the national hero Vasil Levski, also here preserved the history of important events. The palace contains the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Gallery. For four centuries, the Turkish architects have been delighting their tourists outside and inside the Banja Bashi, an interesting mosque built in 1576 by Turkish architects.
A huge amount of emotions will be produced by the House-Museum of Ivan Vazov, a Bulgarian writer who lived and worked here, who can be driven by a rented car from TS rent a car Sofia. The museum contains a collection of personal belongings and photos of a famous person, and there is also an effigy of his dog Bobby.


Painting-loving tourists can visit the National Gallery of Foreign Art. Here you can find a collection of creations made by European artists, as well as other exhibits. Fans of unusual decorations, figures of wood, paintings, it is enough to visit the hall of the Gallery, which displays the culture of the Indian people.
The city boasts a beautiful transport interchange, tourists can get to the designated points with the help of subways, buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis, but you will agree, renting a car from TS car hire Sofia Bulgaria will allow you to make trips much more convenient, more comfortable, available, because our company TS rent a car Sofia Bulgaria offers loyal conditions to its customers.
If you need a hotel or shop, the best of them are on Vitosha Boulevard. There are hotels of different levels (economy, medium, high), you can relax in restaurants and cafes, which are ready to offer quite economical prices for their tourists. From souvenirs it is worth paying attention to the products of winemaking, Bulgarian sweets and crafts.
One of the best ways to see all the assets of the Bulgarian capital is to rent a car cheaply, from TS car hire Sofia Bulgaria. A private car will take you to any point in the city and beyond. Our specialists will select a vehicle for you that fully meets your wishes.


How to rent a car in Sofia Bulgaria ?

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and is located in the western part of the country. Bulgaria’s capital is also the main state-administrative center. The city receives hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors every year, including an impressive number of business tourists.
The city is full of attractions and many important business centers in Europe. In Sofia, you can have a great holiday or business trip and at the same time visit the nearest cities and picturesque areas. As you know, Bulgaria has a large number of monasteries, churches, as well as modern complexes for recreation and rehabilitation. Such places are quite a lot near Sofia.
The city of Sofia is not small, so the most successful way to move on it and beyond, if you rent a car in the local rental company, which are quite a lot around the city. Car rental companies in Sofia offer favorable prices of auto services, as well as any opportunities to make a guest stay in the capital and the country – pleasant and comfortable.
Every guest can rent a car in Sofia before coming to the Bulgarian capital. This can be easily done on the Internet – just go to the website of the company TS car hire Sofia, Bulgaria which provides car rental services in Sofia.
Sofia as a whole is a very colorful city and deserves attention from visitors. The streets of Sofia are a combination of several eras – there are beautiful architectural monuments of the 19th century, whose buildings were famous at that time Italian and Austrian architects, and along with these buildings are the ancient remains of the Roman and Byzantine era. Sofia has many beautiful parks, galleries, restaurants, clubs, museums and theatres.
International Car Salon in Sofia
The Sofia International Automobile Salon will open its doors from October 14th to 22nd every year at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia, and is projected to be the largest exhibition in 25 years. More than 300 cars and motorcycles from 40 brands, more than 50 automotive premieres and technological innovations, more than 14,000 sq m. Exhibition space, more than 65 exhibiting companies and 85 test drive cars are waiting for visitors who can win stunning prizes from the salon.
The main focus of car dealers are luxury models and SUVs. Particularly active in the first class are representatives of the German trio – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which will exhibit cars at a price of about 240,000 U.S. dollars. One of the impressive premiere of the motor show in Sofia will be the new Audi A8. It will be one of his first performances in Europe, just a month after its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The fourth generation of the model is one of the first cars now equipped with an autonomous system. The new Audi A8 will debut with two 3.0-liter 3.6-liter 6-cylinder V-engines with a maximum capacity of 286 hp and 3.0 TFSI on gasoline with 340 horses.
BMW Group Bulgaria will present a unique super production version of the BMW 7 Series model – BMW M760Li xDrive. The Bavarian flagship is powered by a 6.6-liter M Performance petrol engine that develops 610 hp and has 820 nm. maximum torque. The engine has M Performance Twin Power Turbo technology that allows sprint acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and with an additional M Driver package, the speed limit is limited to “modest” 305 km/h. The price originally on the BMW M760Li xDrive with all additional services will be $238,100.
Just a month after the premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW Bulgaria produces a new luxury BMW 6 Series Gran Tourismo. It offers a combination of interior equipment, versatile functionality and an elegant sport coupe-like design. Thanks to the lightweight design, the weight is reduced by an average of 150 kg compared to the previous model.
At the exhibition in Sofia you will be able to see the updated S-Class from Mercedes-Benz in the S 400 d 4Matic L. The equipment of the brand’s flagship included both new and familiar, but improved safety systems and driver assistants. These include innovations for autonomous driving with the ability to redevelop from one lane to another and “communicating” with other vehicles on the road, as well as automatic parking function. The car can also be activated by a smartphone and the driver must not be in the car.
Japanese companies will also delight fans with expensive and impressive cars. The brightest premiere of the Infiniti stand will be a brand-new sports coupe, the 60, equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-cylinder V6 engine with two power options – 300 hp or from 405 hp. The dual-drive system sends 100% torque to the rear wheels, and if they move, the torque is distributed between the front and rear alumina at a ratio of 50:50.
The futuristic Lexus LC 500h coupe will debut in Bulgaria just 2 months after launching its sales in Europe. The fully revamped coupe crosses the established limits of the hybrid system known today and represents the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid technology. It combines a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine and a hybrid transmission with two engine generators, followed by a four-speed transmission. The overall effect is a 10-speed hybrid automatic transmission that transmits the power of the 359 hp system to the rear wheels.
In the salon in Sofia, you can also feel the British luxury and sophistication. At the Moto Pfohe booth, the star of the show will be the newest member of the Range Rover family – Velar. The luxury SUV is designed to fill the “white field” between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Velar offers a high level of passability and luxury that are still not known in the segment of mid-range SUVs.
The newest member of the family of the British brand Jaguar E-PACE will be presented at the Sofia Motor Show for the first time in Bulgaria. It is a 5-seater compact SUV with an inspiring design and dynamics of a sports car. The latest addition to the Jaguar range belongs to the Bulgarian market, where its price starts at $38,000 with VAT.
The Inter Expo Center will feature a new generation of Swedish XC60 crossover, which will impress with an athletic silhouette, luxurious Scandinavian interior, functional interior and a wide range of powerful but environmentally friendly engines. The price for the new Volvo XC60 starts at $55,000 for the D4 2.0 AWD, and for the most expensive hybrid T8 2.0T AWD the price will start from 76,000 to 95,000 U.S. dollars.

Hotels in Sofia

The hotel sector of the capital has improved significantly in recent years – room design has improved, and with it the level of service. For hotel lovers, there are some great options in the capital:
1. Hotels 5 Stars: Arena Di Serdica Residence Hotel Grand Hotel Sofia Hilton Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia Hotel Hotel Anel Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia Kempinski Zografski Radisson SAS Hotel Sheraton Hotel
2. Hotels 4 Stars: Ambassador GT Hotel Best Western Thracia Hotel Central Park Hotel Dedeman Princess Downtown Hotel Hotel Central Forum Hotel City Avenue Hotel Geneva Hotel Metropolitan Hotel Silver House Les Fleurs HotelNew hotel Light Hotel Rodina Hotel Salt Palace Hotel Spa Hotel Berlin Park Triada Hotel
3. Hotels 3 Stars: Accord Hotel Arte Hotel Bulgari Boutique Hotel California HotelNew hotel Gorubliansko Hanche Grand Hotel Bulgaria Hemus Hotel Hotel Accord Hotel Atlantic Hotel Budapest Hotel Hill Hotel Legends Hotel Lion SofiaNew hotel Hotel Sofia Place Kolikovski Hotel Lozenetz Hotel Sofia Maxim HotelNew hotel Niky Hotel Park Hotel Moskva Scotty’s Boutique Hotel Serdica Hotel
4. 4-Bedroom Hotel Medic Pliska Hotel Slavyanska Beseda
All the fashionable 5-star hotels of the Bulgarian capital, including “representatives” of the famous hotel chains Radisson and Hilton, are located mainly in the area and the district of Vitosha. Their concentration is due, in the first case, to the location in the historical heart of the city, in the second – ecologically clean air and picturesque views.
Cheap cars at the rental – the opportunity to save significantly on transport costs, get to the place at any time of the day and not be tied to one city. After all, in the vicinity of Sofia there are many amazing places in which it is worth staying longer. It is not difficult to do this with a private car.

Cheap car hire in Sofia from TS rent a car Sofia Bulgaria

How reliable is the car rental service in another country and what factors do it depend on? If you look at Bulgarian offices, even in each individual region the degree of reliability will be different. You can rent a car in Sofia Bulgaria before a trip to one of the international rental companies, then it will be possible to compare conditions, tariffs and even the vehicles themselves. In any case, if the lease is issued abroad or through Online services, it is important to contact accredited companies.
5 important recommendations on how to safely rent a car from abroad:
1. Pay attention to all the characteristics of transport. The location of the steering wheel, drive, capacity, mileage – it is important to allocate as many parameters as possible. Auto rental by the type of machine or with a manual transmission – one of the important characteristics.
2. What are the conditions of insurance. Before signing the contract, it is important to clarify whether the rental with or without insurance is issued. The absence of an insurance document, taking into account the experience of most travelers, can lead to significant financial costs.
3. Are there any recommendations about the company. Rent a car tourists choose in one or another company, more often relying on reviews of the rental firm. A private citizen can offer car rental quite inexpensively, however, it is important to know that the accredited company, although it will take a little more charge, but the risks will be much less.
4. What is the distance of travel. When designing the rental, it is important to immediately specify what distances are allowed to cover, and where it is forbidden. Otherwise, at the end of the long trip the traveler will expect a fine of an impressive amount.
5. Compare several options. Before the design, it is important to compare the chosen options, familiarize yourself with all the rental conditions and choose the best for yourself.
Notice! The opportunity to choose a model of the car, from the full transport range of the company at the most favorable tariff appears a few days and even weeks before the start of the trip.
Cheap car rental in Bulgaria from TS cheap car hire Sofia Bulgaria gives several advantages: the ability to independently compose and change the travel program and the route of travel for one day, week and even a month;
Rent a car at the best rate;
We have a personal service – our experts will help you choose transport for your travel goals, taking into account all the details and recommendations;
Together with renting a car, we ensure the safety of your overseas travels and minimize the risks by providing insurance, offering several insurance options;
Easy and fast car rental automatic in the system of TS rent a car Sofia Bulgaria and the best cost – choose a car and pay for the order.
Choose a comfortable private car with insurance coverage of foreign travel. Do not doubt the formation of a profitable tariff and trust TS cheap car rental Sofia Bulgaria as did tens of thousands of our customers.


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