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Devin is a beautiful Bulgarian town located in the central part of the country. It is surrounded by the amazing Rhodope Mountains, so a special atmosphere soars here. The famous Pamporovo resort is located nearby. The distance to the capital of Bulgaria is 220 km, and to Plovdiv 100 km. In order to be able to travel conveniently, you can use the service of a Bulgarian company and rent a car. Then all the expanses of Bulgaria will be open for you. It is a historic city that contains many unique attractions. During archaeological excavations, a large number of artefacts dating back to ancient times were found. There are also many spa hotels that are always happy to welcome new guests. The hotel “Devin” is located in the central part of the city. Excellent conditions for both leisure and business are offered. Cosy rooms that are equipped with satellite TV, minibar, free internet, a luxurious bathroom and a balcony with a beautiful scenic view. The hotel’s restaurants are famous for their food is prepared in the fresh air and has a unique taste. You will be delighted with a large selection of different dishes. A special feature is the local dishes that will help you to better feel the atmosphere of the area. Aromatic wines do not leave indifferent any visitor, so it is worth trying the Bulgarian wine, which is distinguished by its quality, taste and aging. In addition, you can significantly improve your health by visiting the SPA centre. Special pools, mud baths, herbal treatments and many other useful services will be provided to hotel guests. There are special places for children where they can also improve their health. In order to keep fit, you can visit the fitness centre. There is also a sauna, where there is a great opportunity to relax after a hard day. The hotel provides facilities for business meetings, seminars, presentations and other events. This place is good for both tourism and business. You can book your room in advance and they will be waiting for you to offer the best possible service. In addition, there are many other hotels that are also ready to offer their services like SPA hotel “Chris”, “Orfena”, “Ismena” and others. Here you can relax in the medicinal baths and enjoy your relaxation.

And to help you get comfortably to this, or any other place of interest for you, we are always glad to help you TS rent a car Bulgaria, which has been successfully working in the field of car rental services in Bulgaria, Devin, as well as in many other large cities for many years. We, like any modern and self-respecting company, try to simplify and optimize the booking process for car rental for our clients as much as possible. That is why renting a car from TS rent a car Bulgaria is no more difficult than calling a taxi or ordering pizza at home. All you need is a phone and a few minutes of free time. Call us and see for yourself.

Walking is a great benefit to enjoy the fresh, medicinal air. Even just being in nature, you will have the opportunity to receive healing from many diseases, and most importantly, find peace of mind. Such a place distracts from all the hustle and bustle and relieves stress. It`s ideal for relaxing with your family, with friends, or just to retire with nature and reflect. Nature inspires the soul and renews the body, so every year a large number of tourists from all over the world go to this wonderful place. Thanks to the mineral springs, several wellness centres have been created that will help restore health to many visitors. The climate here is very pleasant, so summers are not very hot and winters are mild. There are special paths in the mountains where you can walk and enjoy nature. Sports competitions and various events are constantly held to make your vacation interesting. There is also the opportunity to go hunting or fishing. You will definitely not be bored here.


In the vicinity of the village there are several attractions that will attract your attention. The longest gorge in Bulgaria is the Buinovo Gorge. It is a natural phenomenon that has been included in the hundreds of national tourist sites in the country. The height of the rocks is over a hundred meters. The gorge is very narrow, so that the two banks of the river are practically connected to each other. Here is the Yagodinska cave, where paths for tourists are laid. Special guided tours of the cave are organized with an experienced guide. The tourists themselves are not allowed to visit this place, as it can be dangerous. You can go on an excursion either on foot or by car, as there is an asphalt road that allows you to drive close to the cave. All the beauty of the cave can be seen from a great height. A platform was built with an amazing view.

You must admit that the outdated methods of getting around the most beautiful places in Devin, such as a bus or a taxi, do not add many joyful moments to your vacation. The bus rigidly ties you to the time and route of its travel, and in a taxi it is not always possible to go exactly along the path that interests you. Here, for the most part, everything is decided by the carrier himself. It is quite another matter if you decide to rent a car in Bulgaria, Devin. Everything here is changing dramatically. Now you decide when, where and on what route you will go today. You only need to select the car of interest on our website, contact us in any of the ways available to you, indicate your passport details and that’s it – you can fully use the car rental services. By paying just once for a car rental in Bulgaria, Devin, your vacation will take on a completely different colour. Moreover, you do not even need to personally visit the office of TS rent a car Bulgaria to book a car for rent, because you can order the delivery of the rented car to any convenient point in the city. Believe me, you will not find such comfortable car rental conditions as in TS rent a car Bulgaria anywhere else.

The Devil’s Throat cave is located 17 km from Devin. Of great admiration are the cave formations that resemble the Devil’s throat. A waterfall is actively flowing from it, at the same time frightening and attracting with its mystery. It is believed that the largest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula is the Trigrad River, which flows into the Devil’s Throat. This amazing phenomenon has become a famous place and landmark of the country. For tourists, a route has been laid along which they can see all the natural delights while being safe.

Another gorge that attracted the attention of guests of the country is the Trigrad Gorge. The distance between the rocks is 300 meters, and the height of the canyon is seven kilometres. The beautiful cliffs have acquired amazing shapes, therefore, they have become attractive to tourists. Over the millennia, rocks have formed, which have subsequently become a protected part since 1963. The road leads to the Devil’s Gorge, so you can combine the excursion into one whole. Following the route, you can find yourself in the village of Trigrad. The villagers are very hospitable, so they will even offer accommodation. You can stop at this place for a while and enjoy the unique nature.

All the rarest and most interesting exhibits can be found in the History Museum. This will help you get to know the history, culture and traditions of the ancient inhabitants of the area. Of course, a city cannot be imagined without a church. In the central part you can see the Church of St. Ivan Rilski. Icons, items for worship are kept in the temple. It is decorated in the Bulgarian style, so it will be interesting for tourists to visit it. Many other interesting places can be found in Devin; it is not surprising that foreigners are so fond of this town.


Cheap car rental in Bulgaria Devin from TS car hire Sofia airport

Just a huge park of cars available for rent, professional and polite staff, a wide range of additional services, a high level of service and roadside assistance, as well as a low cost of car rental in Bulgaria, Devin, have made TS car hire Sofia airport the undisputed leader in the data market. Thousands of customers have already used the opportunity to rent a car in Bulgaria, Devin, as well as in other large cities in Bulgaria, and now they cannot imagine their vacation without renting a car. Go to the “reviews” section and see for yourself. You must admit that it is much more comfortable and faster to travel by a rented car, and the cost of travel by a rented car is only slightly higher than similar travel by taxi. Renting a car in Sofia airport or Devin from TS car hire Sofia airport means throwing off the shackles of attachment to certain boring routes offered by public transport and private carriers. A modern tourist must decide for himself where and which way he will go on his trip, and TS car hire Sofia airport is always ready to support him in this, providing him with the opportunity to reserve and rent a car at any time of the day or night.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, then you can rent a car at a low price and go on a trip to the famous cities of Bulgaria. The oldest city in the country, as well as in the whole of Europe, is Plovdiv. Many historical exhibits are kept here, and the main attraction is the old Plovdiv. This city has survived to this day, so a lot of fascinating and informative things can be seen in this place. Historical museums, theatres, temples, mosques can be visited in Plovdiv. The water park attracts a lot of attention. Here you can spend your time actively and cheerfully. Many different slides are provided for visitors. There are designated areas for children to keep them safe. Plovdiv is rich in interesting sights, the time spent here will be remembered for a long time and will give the most pleasant impressions.

Devin is a very cosy town, so a vacation with your family would be the best solution. You can significantly improve your health and get rid of recent stress. In nature, strength will quickly recover, and a new positive charge will come, which will inspire you to new achievements. In addition, you can actively relax by traveling to other cities of the country, as well as visit the capital of Bulgaria.


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