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The mountain resort of Chepelare is a great place for recreation and sports. It is located in the southern part of Bulgaria, 10 kilometres from the resort of Pamporovo and 75 kilometres from the ancient city of Plovdiv. Chepelare is the administrative center of the municipality of Chepelare. This wonderful resort is located in the central part of the Rhodope Mountains. It is distinguished by its indescribable beauty, picturesqueness, favourable climate, conditions for recreation and sports. Here the mountains, forests, picturesque and enticing trails, also flows the river Chepelarska. Sometime back in 1910, Chepelare was still a village; the local population was only 625 people. And earlier in 1880, the first post office and telegraph appeared here, and in 1921 electricity appeared in the village. In 1934, the first tourist association was founded under the name “Studenets”, and in 1950 the first society of cavers appeared.
In the immediate vicinity is the ski area Mechi Chal, where one of the most famous ski slopes in Bulgaria. Significant investments were made in the ski area between 2007 and 2009, so Chepelare has since developed as an independent ski resort. Here, there is a unique in the whole country Museum of Speleology and Bulgarian Karst Deposits. If you are planning to come to Bulgaria to rest, but without a car – this is not a problem. You can book a car rental in Bulgaria. Visit the website of the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria and book a car at reasonable prices. Our specialists will advise you on the most advantageous offers and promotions. Bulgaria is an incredibly beautiful country; coming here and not visiting at least some of the interesting places is unacceptable. Book a car for rent and travel unlimited throughout Bulgaria!
At present, the population of Chepelare and its district is 9,800. Here is fresh mountain air, silence, beautiful nature, beautiful landscape, mountains, forests and typical Bulgarian traditional architecture – old rural houses, well-kept courtyards with wells and gazebos, small streets and a lot of comfort. Chepelare is one of the sunniest mountain resorts in Bulgaria – 270 sunny days a year, with mild and warm winters and 80-120 days of snow. Spring comes a little later, and summer is cool and fresh. In this area all seasons are pronounced. It is beautiful and pleasant in winter, spring, summer and autumn – there is always something to do and have a good time. Book a car and travel to these luxurious, environmentally friendly places. You can order a rental car or SUV for rent, even before arriving in Bulgaria – contact the specialists of the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria, they will answer all your answers!
The climate in Chepelare is temperate-continental, as we have already mentioned, everything is here – winter, spring, summer and autumn! You can relax in Chepelare at any time of the year, as its beauty, cosiness and comfort predispose to it. There is a well-developed infrastructure, a great location, prestigious hotels, complexes, wellness spas, wonderful restaurants where you can taste luxurious Bulgarian cuisine. Nearby are beautiful towns and villages, which can be easily visited if you rent a car. By car rental, you can turn your vacation in Bulgaria into an unforgettable and complete. Using a car rental in Bulgaria, you and your family will be comfortable spending time in this beautiful, magical country.
Since ancient times, the Rhodope Mountains are mysterious and mysterious, because these are the mountains of the legendary Orpheus, there are archaeological excavations from the twelfth century to the birth of Christ. The remains of ancient Thracian settlements indicate that it was here that rich, social and cultural life was in full swing. Here are the remains of Thracian fortresses, the Roman Empire, the early Middle Ages and more. Book a car in Bulgaria and visit all these historical traces of ancient times. Specialists of the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria are always at your service! Renting a car in Bulgaria is easy and simple; contact our car rental specialists – by phone or e-mail.
One of the attractions of Chepelare was the Rozhen Astronomical Observatory. It is close to the resort, so in order to get to it, you will not mind renting a car. Traveling will be more comfortable and faster for you. The National Observatory is one of the largest in Europe, so you will be interested to see it with your own eyes. There are many different telescopes in it, various scientific meetings are held. It is also open to schools and internships. Special demonstrations are held for tourists. Thanks to this observatory, scientists can observe the sky every day.
Another great place for tourists was the Museum of Speleology. It is not far from Chepelare, so it is very popular with modern tourists. The museum was founded by an ordinary local. It is about two to three hours quiet walk from the resort. You can rent a car and get to your destination much faster. What surprises its visitors the most is the large underground space. A feature of this museum is the library, which has about 730 books. Those who wish can even read them in a separate hall.
If you come to Chepelare, you should also visit the Church of St. Athanasius. It was built a long time ago, so you will be interested to see the paintings and the structure of the church. Also, the church has inscriptions in Greek that were made several centuries ago. Very often there are exhibitions where you can admire the unique icons. Tourists also like to visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin. Bulgaria never ceases to amaze its guests with its interesting origins and historical places.

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These are the places you can visit during your holiday in Chepelare. They are not far from the resort and are very popular with tourists. But, there are also many wonderful places in the resort of Chepelare. This beautiful place is surrounded by forests, so it looks great not only in winter but also in summer. The town is one of the best places to relax. If you are a sports fan, then in Chepelare very often various competitions are held, in which you can participate and leave a lot of good impressions. There are also separate slopes for those who are skiing for the first time. This greatly attracts guests who have always been afraid of skiing. They have the opportunity to start from scratch. The resort took care of everything to make tourists feel comfortable and get a lot of great experiences from an unforgettable vacation.
The choice of many tourists also stops at the Bochkovsky monastery. Well, that’s not surprising. The Bochkovsky monastery was very often destroyed, then rebuilt and subjected to fires many times. But, as you have noticed, it has survived to this day. It houses many different icons of the Blessed Virgin. A feature of the monastery was its structure and beautifully painted walls. What is most interesting is that in this monastery you can find a place to spend the night.
Well, how can you do at a ski resort, without a museum of skiing. This place is especially popular in Chepelare. No one passes by the museum, and no one remains indifferent to it. After all, a lot of skiing fans come to this town. The museum was created thanks to Ekaterina Dafovska, a biathlon champion. By the way, Bulgaria has become very famous thanks to this sport. In the museum you can see a lot of interesting information about the development of skiing in Chepelare. If you belong to the category that loves sports, be sure to visit this museum.
In Chepelare, there is also a House of Culture. It was founded a long time ago, you will enjoy one of the most important buildings in the city. From time to time, performances take place here. Dances, groups, everything related to culture. Also in the building there is a library, for fans to read, there is a special hall. Not a bad way to spend your time on vacation.
Chepelare is very popular with tourists. Time spent in this city with a car from TS car rental in Bulgaria will never be wasted.

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