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Renting a car in Saint Vlas is much faster and more convenient with the car rental company TS rent a car Burgas Bulgaria because for more than 10 years we have been the undisputed leaders in the car rental market in Saint Vlas, providing car rental as as soon as possible and with a minimum of necessary documents.

The Opel Astra G was first presented to the public in 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new model was nothing more than a successor to the famous Opel Astra F. The new generation was not a deep restyling of the old version of the “Astra”, but was positioned as an entirely new car designed from scratch. And so it was – no important element was taken from the predecessor and such qualities as ergonomics, body and interior design, finishing materials and technical filling were completely redesigned and improved. Initially, the new generation was available in three different body styles: a hatchback with 3 and 5 doors and a station wagon, and a year after the start of sales, Opel released a sedan version, which is quite rare today.

Opel dealers fight for literally every customer, which is why they offer a variety of configurations for their creation. Astra, depending on the customer’s wishes, can be both measured and sporty fast. They knew that the car would gain incredible popularity, so they tried to consider and take into account all possible wishes of their customers in advance. It is also worth noting that the new generation has incredible aerodynamics, which allows it to reach high speeds even in low-power versions of the power unit.


Using the services of our company, you get the best level of service and a large selection of cars for each of your needs and each budget. And using our rental service in Sveti Vlas is very simple: you just need to call our office, indicate the make and model of the car you like, discuss with the manager the time and place where you want to rental car in Saint Vlas, then book and take a car in Saint Vlas.

More than 20 different grades of high-carbon steel have been used in the production of Astra G bodies, which has significantly increased the torsional resistance of the body compared to the previous generation. The use of new and high-quality materials has also significantly improved the body’s resistance to corrosion. Opel has boldly stated that their bodies can easily withstand 12 years of operation without corrosion, and even gave an official guarantee from the manufacturer.

Also, much attention in the new car was paid to the passive and active safety of the driver and passengers. So, pre-loaded seat belts and four airbags were installed in the car, two of which were placed in the steering wheel and dashboard, and two were hidden in the backrests of the front seats. Also, in the event of a severe impact, the car is equipped with a system for “firing” the pedal unit, which further increases the safety of the driver.

With our new rental service in Sveti Vlas with delivery to the place you have indicated, it has become much easier to rent a car, because you do not even need to visit our office in person. You just need to discuss all the conditions for renting a car in Sveti Vlas by phone with our specialists, pick up a car with delivery and go on a long and interesting trip with your rented car. The positive reviews for rental car in Sveti Vlas from our customers confirm that we are working in the right direction. We are sure that this or any other car you like from our park will bring you only positive emotions.


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For the first time in the history of the automotive industry, the small and medium-sized cars to which the Astra G belongs have been equipped with a rear-wheel drive suspension system that ensures stable and predictable cornering behavior at high speeds. The classic MacPherson was installed on the front, which has long been established as a soft, stable, unpretentious and reliable system.

The braking system is also highly efficient and reliable. The dual-circuit system with vacuum amplifier does an excellent job, and the ABS system allows you to significantly shorten the braking distance in unforeseen situations. On cars with an engine of 1.9 liters or more, an anti-slip system and brake discs with increased diameter of all wheels are additionally installed.

Rental car in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria is now not an expensive and disturbing pleasure. Thanks to the efforts of TS rent a car Burgas Bulgaria, the cheap car rental has become possible. You can be sure that our prices for rent a car in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria are among the lowest among the offers of other companies specializing in rent a car in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria. You can always see the price for renting a car in Saint Vlas in the price list on our website.

The interior of the car, with not the largest dimensions, is a pleasant surprise. Inside, there is enough space for comfortable accommodation of five medium passengers, which has a positive effect on the comfort of long trips. And the spacious luggage compartment can easily hold all your personal belongings. At the same time, the wide and low luggage rack makes it easy to load even bulky loads.

The line of gasoline engines was partly borrowed from the previous generation, but in the ranks of diesel units there was a replenishment. The newcomers were 2 turbodiesels with a displacement of 2.0 liters and an output of 82 or 101 hp, depending on the fuel injection system used.


The total number of different engine options was huge. In this model it was possible to install up to 16 different gasoline units with a volume of 1.2 liters and 65 hp, up to 2.2-liter engines with up to 200 hp. The diesel engines were presented in 6 different options, a 1.7-liter turbo diesel with 68 hp, up to a 2.2-liter DTI with up to 125 hp.

Oddly enough, with such an abundance in the choice of engines, the car was equipped with only 2 types of gearboxes: it was either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic from the Japanese company Aisin. Both transmissions proved to be trouble-free, properly maintained, units that could easily travel hundreds of thousands of miles.

The electronic filling of the car will also pleasantly surprise you. This car has absolutely everything to ensure the right level of comfort when traveling: air conditioning for coolness on a hot day, high quality audio system for lovers of good music, central locking and alarm, electric windows and mirrors and much more.
Car rental in the shortest possible time is TS rent a car Bugras Bulgaria In addition, our company provides rent a car in Saint Vlas without mileage restrictions. In this way you can go on a long journey with our car without worrying about the kilometers traveled, which allows you to fully enjoy the car journeys of our fleet.


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