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Car rental company in Sofia – TS cheap car hire Sofia has in its fleet cars with different makes, characteristics and price categories. It is important for us when choosing a car rental in Sofia our customers have a wide choice of cars, because everyone has their own preferences and we try to satisfy each of them.

The history of this model dates back to 1979. The first modification of the Suzuki Alto was a small truck, but over time, the Japanese car giant completely revised the concept of this car, turning it for more than 3 decades into a small and cute enough car for every day. Interestingly, Suzuki under the Alto brand produces two completely different cars, one for the domestic market in Japan and the other for export to Europe.

The machine, according to all the canons of “small cars”, is very compact and extremely comfortable in heavy city traffic. It is not very easy to maneuver thanks to the well-thought-out steering system and low weight, and the parking space is rarely problematic.

Using the services of TS cheap car hire Sofia you can easily car rental in Sofia be it a spacious minibus or a small “walk”. Every wish of our clients is a law for us and we will make every effort to take into account the wishes of all. It is no coincidence that TS cheap car hire Sofia has been successfully operating on the car rental market in Sofia for over 10 years.

During the years of release, the Suzuki Alto underwent a large number of changes and modifications. Until 2009, the car replaced 6 generations, and today the eighth generation of this model is produced, but in this article we will talk in more detail about the seventh generation Suzuki Alto, produced from 2009 to 2014.

The new generation of Alto, as expected, is almost a completely new car, taking from its predecessor only the name of the model and some technical solutions. The completely redesigned body and optics, different drive mechanism, new and more interesting interior materials and interior design are just a small part of all innovations.

The car is equipped with only one possible engine option. This is a gasoline engine with a volume of 1 liter and 68 hp, which transmits power to the drive wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission or via a 4-speed automatic.

Despite its small size and rather “small” 3-cylinder engine, it is difficult to say that the car is devoid of acceleration dynamics, as the small body and small engine mean low overall weight. Thanks to the car’s light weight (just under 900 kg), the Alto accelerates to 100 km / h in 11 seconds, which is no worse than the older, 4-cylinder brothers in the class. But due to the small volume of the engine, the car consumes very little fuel – 5 liters per 100 km. This makes this car quite interesting.


Cheap car hire Sofia from TS rent a car Sofia automatic

Option for choosing it as a rent a car Sofia automatic, and this can be done as quickly and easily as possible through TS cheap car rental in Sofia because we are the market leader in car rental in Sofia for 10 years .

All cars, regardless of configuration, are equipped with front airbags, audio system and air conditioning. The volume of the luggage compartment is not the largest, due to the overall dimensions of the car, but the manufacturer has provided this, and when the rear seats are folded, the volume of the luggage compartment is 432 liters, which is quite good for this class and will allow you to move. convenient at any distance, taking with you all the necessary things. In addition, the car is equipped with EBD and ABS systems for active safety, as well as power steering, electric mirrors and windows, which increases driving comfort.

With the help of our company it is extremely easy to rent a car Sofia automatic. To do this, you just need to call or email our specialists, tell us about your preferences, choose and book a car, specify a convenient time and place for you and rent your car.

The suspension of the car, despite its simplicity, does a very good job with its functions. It is quite energy intensive and reliable. The front suspension is a well-known MacPherson strut, and the rear suspension is made on a partially independent system with two drive arms, which has a positive effect on comfort and handling, and uneven roads are practically not transmitted to the body and passengers. The car practically does not roll in corners and is not inclined to go down the planned path. This is achieved by using a stabilizing rod in the system.

Thanks to us, car rentals in Sofia take no more than 10 minutes of your time, and the pleasure of using the cars from our fleet will delight you and your passengers many hundreds and thousands of kilometers away, because our company for car rental in Sofia provides cars for use without mileage restrictions. Car hire Sofia cheap – only TS cheap car hire Sofia.

The interior of the car, due to the low production price, will not please its owners with expensive finishing materials, but the famous Japanese quality can be seen here with the naked eye. Even with the use of suede and cheap plastic, the manufacturer still manages to beautifully and organically place all the keys and levers for climate control, and the dashboard is easy to read at any time of day.

The small size of the car has a great impact on the visibility of the road, which is important for comfortable and safe travel. The narrow windscreen pillars and large glass area allow you to control what is happening around the car from any position in the driver’s seat. The steering column is adjustable in height and range, the driver’s seat and front passenger seat are also adjustable in all planes, which positively affects the comfort and safety of movement, which is a priority for our car rental company in Sofia.

To rent a car in Sofia from TS rent a car Sofia automatic means to turn to professionals. More than 10 years on the market of car rental services in Sofia and the positive reviews from our customers speak for themselves. Thanks to our efforts, renting a car in Sofia has ceased to be a complicated thing. The minimum period of time and the minimum set of documents allow you to quickly rent a car and go on the road with family and friends, and the low cost of renting a car will pleasantly surprise you.

Despite its unusual appearance and size, this car has a huge number of fans around the world, and production of the Alto continues to this day. In addition, Suzuki plans to launch another generation of the car in the near future. Management believes that the history of the car, more than 3 decades long, can not end so easily, which undoubtedly delights connoisseurs of comfort, compactness, reliability and fuel efficiency of their favorite Suzuki Alto.

You can be sure that our company offers its customers the lowest cost of rent a car Sofia automatic with an automatic transmission, which is confirmed by a large number of people’s comments about our work.


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