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Sunny Beach is the largest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located in a picturesque bay. In its southern part there is a unique historical monument of Bulgarian culture – the city of Nessebar, and the northern part of the resort borders on the slopes of Stara Planina Mountain. This unique combination of sea and mountains creates exceptional climatic conditions for recreation and tourism throughout most of the year. The complex was founded in 1959 and is located in an exceptional location – only 35 km. from the largest industrial and tourist center in Bulgaria – Burgas and 30 km from the modern international airport Bourgas. If you have already flown to Bulgaria, but want to quickly get to the resort of Sunny Beach, then order a car rental in Sunny Beach from the company TS car rental Burgas. The landscape of the resort is flat, significantly different from other large Black Sea resorts. The sandy seabed is evenly sloped, with no unexpected deep pits. Beach strip 5,500 m long and 40-50 m wide made of fine sand. In the western part of the beach there are dunes, which are a national reserve, their area is 86 hectares. The average monthly air temperature is 25-26 degrees, and the average humidity is 60-65%. The period from June to September is characterized by the minimum number of cloudy days – only 3-4 per month, the number of sunny days – 20-25 per month. Therefore, Sunny Beach is an exceptional place for recreation and tourism with the duration of the tourist season – 6 months. It is one of the very first spa resort built after 1944. The first representative hotel Globus was built in 1962. Nowadays there are more than 145 hotels on the territory of the complex, 90%, of which three-star and four-star categories, 60 attractions, including the largest on the Balkan Peninsula AQUA PARK. The number of places for accommodation is about 45,000. Hotels offer vacationers everything they need for a good rest: indoor and outdoor pools, parks and gardens, sports facilities, restaurants, day and night bars, attractions, internet clubs, beauty salons. For sports lovers, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, mini-golf, bicycles, paddle boats and sailing boats, scooters, water skis and parachutes, catamarans, etc. have been built. An equestrian center has also been created – experienced horse riding instructions are at your disposal. In the offices of travel agencies you will be offered a variety of excursions and acquaintance with the sights of the region and Bulgaria. And if you liked this route, then you can, by renting a car in Sunny Beach from TS car rental Burgas, a car rental company in Sunny Beach, visit the places you have planned! Traditional Bulgarian style restaurants recreate unique customs and offer both national and European and Asian cuisine. Modern nightclubs and discos add a magical musical flavor to the nights. Kiddie rides and clubs make the vacation a real paradise for kids. The resort complex has facilities for holding congresses and symposia. Almost all four-star hotels are open all year round and offer comfortable conference facilities for such events. For your business event, the car rental company TS car rental Burgas offers the most modern car brands for rent in Sunny Beach! Sunny Beach Resort has been awarded the prestigious international Blue Flag award for the preservation of its beautiful nature, crystal clear water and golden yellow fine sand.

Every year, foreign tourists and those living in the country of Bulgaria arrive in Sunny Beach. Most of the visitors arrive by plane and do not have a car in use, but how convenient it is when there is a car rental company in Sunny Beach. Our car rental company in Sunny Beach invites you to become our client and appreciate our efforts for your comfortable travel. Reliable and comfortable cars for rent from TS rent a car Sunny Beach will take you to any destination. Visiting cultural and historical sites and natural attractions is a pleasure, since the car is always at your disposal.
Sunny Beach is the best resort town that meets the climatic and ecological conditions. The north of Sunny Beach is beautiful with beaches, and mountains are located close to the coast. Many historical sights and old buildings are located in the south of Sunny Beach, including Nessebar, which is the oldest European region, where the first people settled about 5 centuries ago. The fortification wall erected by the Thracians has been preserved. Nessebar can be considered a real historical and cultural Bulgarian and European treasure, which houses 42 medieval churches from the Renaissance period and restaurants in abundance. Nessebar is called the pearl of Sunny Beach.
Fans of active pastime will undoubtedly like Sunny Beach, since the famous Action water park is located on its square in the west of the city. The water park is the largest water park that is popular with young people with children. Here you will not only relax, but also feel yourself in the land of a fairy tale, enjoying palm trees, flowers, plants. Any family holiday can be celebrated here. It occupies such a large area that it will take several days to ride all the attractions. The water park is full of playgrounds and sports grounds, unique attractions, cozy coffee shops. They offer a fun program, a lot of sports games, for which the winners are awarded a prize or award. The recreation area has sun loungers and umbrellas. Here children can try out small cars, run around with children of their own age, enjoy sweets in nearby restaurants. Various animals can be seen in the mini-zoo. Children and adults alike will certainly appreciate a visit to this small zoo. Sunny Beach Luna Park can be a great place for entertainment.
One of the assets is the hotel of the wife of the mayor of Moscow, Elena Baturina. Everyone knows about this complex! … Since 2010 TS rent a car Sunny Beach offers car rental services in Sunny Beach

Car hire in Sunny Beach from TS car rental Burgas

Thanks to the convenient location of Sunny Beach, you can reach the festival venue by a rented car, which can be held in different cities: Nessebar, Pomorie, Primorsko, Kavarna, Burgas. Reserve your car rental in Sunny Beach with TS car rental companies.
Visitors to Sunny Beach can drive a car rented in Sunny Beach to the nearby Black Sea cities. For shopping, a trip by a rented car to Burgas or Varna is the best choice. In addition to the chic shops here, you can still relax in beautiful parks near the sea. To diversify in the historical part, visit the town of Sozopol, located 60 km away, where there are many museums. It was here that objects from the Bronze period were found. The streets of the city are impressive with their history.
Sunny Beach and its surroundings are great places for a pleasant and impressive pastime and rent a car in Sunny Beach with our company TS car hire in Sunny Beach!

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