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The picturesque village of Dobrinishte is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountain. Since the village is mountainous, tourists always have something to do! There are all conditions that include hiking, skiing, spa treatments, etc. In the village, or more precisely in the city, because Dobrinishte was recently declared a city, there are many cozy hotels, health and spa centers, due to the abundance of mineral springs and swimming pools. In Dobrinste you can take care of your health, beauty and spirit, because a holiday in the mountains – this is the most useful and pleasant thing that can happen to you! Are you without a car in Bulgaria? It is not a problem! The car rental company TS rent a car in Bulgaria will provide you with every brand of car rental in Bulgaria and at reasonable prices. You can order a car rental before you come to Bulgaria, contact our car rental specialists in Bulgaria and they will take care of your needs. The car rental company TS rent a car in Bulgaria offers an electronic catalog of car rental in Bulgaria, which can be viewed on our company website. Choose the car rental model in Bulgaria that suits you best and will be waiting for you at the designated meeting place in Bulgaria, regardless of which city you will arrive in. You can use a rent a car in Bulgaria from TS rent a car in Bulgaria, at any time of the year, with unlimited mileage throughout Bulgaria. Through the car rental company TS rent a car in Bulgaria, it will be convenient and interesting to travel to all the ancient places of this beautiful country.
Dobrinishte is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Bulgaria, but it is possible to spend a pleasant time here not only in winter. Dobrinishte has beautiful spring, summer and autumn. There is beauty, fresh mountain air, mineral springs and many types of entertainment all year round. Here you can spend a beautiful summer, sunbathing, swimming in mineral pools, traveling by car rental in Bulgaria to the most interesting and remote corners of this fabulous land. There are majestic mountains, centuries-old forests, rivers, meadows and lots of sun. In addition to mountain tourism, you can arrange fishing and enjoy the tranquility of the wildlife. Only 6 km away is the popular ski resort – Bansko. TS car rental Sofia airport will allow you to make your vacation in Bulgaria more interesting.
In this paradise are found many traces of ancient times – Thracian and Roman pottery, ancient pools – Roman and Turkish. In the area of Tatark you can see the remains of the Thracian settlement, and in the area of Gumnishta, where there was an ancient settlement, coins from the time of the Roman emperor Nero (I century) have been found. 40 km from the town of Dobrinishte is the town of Gotse Delchev, which is also worth a visit. Provide yourself and your family with a wonderful holiday by renting a car. After all, thanks to TS car rental Sofia airport, your trip will be comfortable and varied.
The peculiarity of this ski resort is that experienced athletes can show their abilities here, as well as test their abilities those who will be skiing for the first time. At your disposal will be several tracks up to five kilometers long. There are also several lifts from which you can see the beauty of the city from above. The service includes many useful things. You can rent the necessary equipment, as well as go through the ski school. Therefore, if you are in the first place in this resort because of the skis, you have nothing to worry about. You have certainly come to the right place and people. In addition, the creators of this resort have not forgotten about the children. There are special schools for children where they can learn a lot. Dobrinishte is a quiet and peaceful town (once a village). If you want to have fun in the ski resort, but at the same time be in a calmer environment, then this city is perfect for you. This place is also suitable for those who like a more active life, as the town is close to one of the largest ski resorts Bansko. Many tourists prefer to spend their time in Bansko, and after an active day to come to quieter places, such as Dobrinishte. That is why this city is very popular with tourists.
As mentioned, there are many hotels in Dobrinishte, which are always ready to welcome new guests and delight them with their services. This includes various entertainment programs, swimming pools, cafes, as well as internet connection, TVs. It is nice to wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see is a beautiful view of the mountains. Hotels in the city can provide you with this opportunity. To avoid any problems with choosing a hotel, you can book a hotel room at home in advance. To do this, you must register on one of the hotel sites.
You can spend your time in various restaurants in the city. Bulgaria is also known for its exquisite cuisine, which tourists are always satisfied with. And in Dobrinishte you can enjoy the unique Bulgarian cuisine. Prices in Bulgaria, surprisingly, are quite low and affordable, compared to other European countries. This is another reason why tourists from all over the world are so willing to go on a trip to this country. In addition, there are many cafes, bars and taverns in Dobrinishte. You will definitely not get bored. In addition, the nightlife in this city does not sleep either. You can visit nightclubs and discos.

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The main feature of this resort is that it is considered the largest mineral resort. There are about seventeen active sources. With the use of these springs in Dobrinishte are created special baths, treatment centers, massage centers and a place for cosmetic massage. The pools are also not absent. Therefore, by choosing Dobrinishte as a place for rest, you provide yourself with a gift for your health. Visiting treatment centers, you can take a wellness course and spend your free time, as well as pleasant and useful.
Many tourists go on a tour to the nearest towns and villages, enjoy the beautiful architectural buildings and learn new spiritual values. This place will help you forget about daily worries and give you a new strength. In Dobrinishte, you will enjoy beautiful nature and parks. Visit all the sights of Dobrinishte by renting a car from the company TS car rental Sofia airport. We will find the best car for you and make sure your trip goes smoothly.
Dobrinishte is very attractive for many tourists. Here you can spend a nice holiday not only in winter but also in spring and summer. The nature of this city in every season can surprise its guests with beauty and uniqueness. Thanks to the mountains, the air is very clean and fresh. Not surprisingly, the popularity of this city continues to grow.

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