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Belmeken dam is located at an altitude of 1910 meters , along the river Sesto p imsk and which passes through the mountain range Rila is part of the cascade “Belmeken- CECT Roman CAIR a”. Belmeke Dam is not the highest dam of embankments and retaining walls on the entire Balkan Peninsula! If you have decided to travel around Bulgaria, do not forget to visit this beautiful and unearthly place. Order a car rental in Bulgaria and the idea of visiting Belmeken will become a reality! The rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria will provide you with the best conditions and prices. The company deals with and develops successfully in the field of leasing car rental in Bulgaria, thanks to its main goal – to offer its customers the highest quality and cost-effective services throughout Bulgaria.
The name of the dam “Belmeken” means ” Famous place” in translation, it was built on the river Kriva and is the highest altitude on the entire eastern slope of Mount Rila. The road to Belmeken Dam starts from the nearby village . The beautiful village of Sestrimo is located at the foot of the majestic Rila Mountain – it is from there that the beautiful road to the unearthly skies of Belmeken begins. As the road to the dam is long and not easy, they can drive you to a certain place by car or SUV and then continue on foot. If you are in Bulgaria without a car, you can easily order a car rental in Bulgaria from the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria. Order a car rental in Bulgaria and the journey in and through mountain Bulgaria will be much more interesting. Waterfall Belmeken-Sestrimo Prope is severoiz exact slope of Rila where river Maritsa, square and Struma. In this part of paradise there is a lot of water, greenery, sun, azure sky and the majesty of mountain peaks. The cascade consists of two “terraces”, the first of which is located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, and the second – at 1200 meters. The water on the upper terrace is poured into the lower terrace, and from the lower terrace into the common body of “Stankovi te baraki”. The whole cascade is covered with lakes, meadows, forests, paths and picturesque places. Order a jeep for rent or a car for rent and turn your vacation into an interesting and beautiful journey through this magical Bulgarian land. Contact the specialists of the company TS rent a car Bulgaria and they will take care of in ace. Travel across Bulgaria using a company renting car TS rent a car Bulgaria. The tourist base Belmek en will welcome you and will give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation. This beautiful sports complex, located at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level! There is fresh air, magical beauty of the mountains and the opportunity to be included yuchi item is in active recreation and sport. Next to the complex is the Rila National Park and of course the Belmeken Dam. As there is no public transport, the traffic has its own transport. Book a car rental and travel to interesting places in this great land. The car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria will provide you with favorable conditions and prices for cheap car hire in Bulgaria.

Belmeken Sports Complex can be a great place to relax. The complex provides its visitors with the best conditions where you can play sports well and always keep yourself in great shape. It is suitable for camps, sports competitions and to prep Knowledge of athletes for various competitions. There are several sports facilities that will help you in your sports holiday, such as a football field, an indoor rowing simulator, a biathlon shooting range and more. There is also a swimming pool and a gym for games. You can visit the medical complex that will in and help you keep your health good. The complex also includes several hotels, which are interconnected and provide all living conditions. After a hard workout, you can relax in the sauna or enjoy a massage. For sports fans, this place is perfect. Many tourists and athletes from all over the world want to enter the Belmeken Sports Complex. Often receive questions if people so non-athletes can relax in this beautiful complex. The answer, of course, is yes. The most ordinary people who love sports can come to Belmeken and spend their time in this complex.

Belmeken it is located thirty kilometers from Velingrad. After all, everyone has their own preferences. And how wonderful it is if you can do your favorite thing when you are on vacation. For fishing enthusiasts there is no better place than this tank. The most diverse species of fish are in Belmeken, so for fishermen, this will be the most exciting and interesting place for fishing . It is believed that the best way to fish is live bait. You will have the opportunity to catch trout and small fish. Usually, fishermen use fishing rods, you can try the old way of fishing. You can add something new to your holiday. It is also easy to practice water sports. The sports complex is always open to its guests.
Hotels in the Belmeken complex are not considered bad. There are bars, hotels, restaurants where you can eat and enjoy Bulgarian cuisine. It is advisable to come to this place without children, as there are no special privileges for them. The hotel can be booked in advance so you can then quietly come and check in. The comfort is on a level.


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Many experienced doctors advise their patients to go to Belmeken for recovery. Special rehabilitation courses are offered in the area to help restore health. So, if you have any diseases, fresh air and beautiful nature will help you feel much better. So in a holiday will not only be enjoyable and but also useful and for your health. For everyone and there are cars for rent in Bulgaria from the company TS cheap car hire in Bulgaria, with which you can go on a trip to nearby cities. Close to Bellman ‘s ken, there are many beautiful places and attractions Options, which surely will delight in the AU and in ashite friends. When choosing Belmeken for a holiday, you first take care of your health. Even, if doctors recommend you to Belmeken for recovery. The sports complex is especially attractive for many tourists. Each sport will be available for B ace there in the whole lot of you need. You can make your vacation much nicer and more useful. It all depends on your choice.

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