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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. Plovdiv is often called “the city in the hills”or “seven hills”. The climate is continental, very typical in the southern parts of Europe. The average annual temperature is 12,3 ° C. The average maximum temperature in July is 30.3 ° C. Maritza, one of the largest rivers in Bulgaria passes through the city.
In the past, the city was called Filippopol and Filibe – it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Plovdiv is the second largest industrial and cultural center in Bulgaria after Sofia. The city has hosted annual international fairs since 1993. The most visited part of Plovdiv by tourists is the “Old Town”. You can always rent a car in Bulgaria and see all the sights of this beautiful city, because there are so many of them. You go to the site of TS rent a car Bulgaria, you can easily book a car rental in Plovdiv, Bulgaria before your arrival in Plovdiv. The “old town” will take you to the 19th century as a time machine, and these are old stone streets, many beautiful houses-museums and galleries and of course – the atmosphere that is nowhere in the world. If you are planning to visit Plovdiv, it is worth thinking about car rental. After all, there is so much to see in the city. When renting a car in Plovdiv, Bulgaria will allow you to relax during a holiday or business visit. If Plovdiv is the starting point for your trip, then without any difficulties you will be able to rent a car in Plovdiv and travel on it throughout Bulgaria. If you order a car rental in Plovdiv, immediately after coming to the city you can move to the car rental and go further. If you are flying to Plovdiv, you have a great opportunity to order a car rental at Plovdiv Airport, Bulgaria immediately after your landing. In recent years, Plovdiv has become attractive to investors from around the world. More and more entrepreneurs are coming to the city for business of various kinds. Plovdiv became famous for its international specialized exhibitions around the world. The World’s Fair attracts not only large companies and firms, but also representatives of small businesses. There are many attractive places to stay near Plovdiv, so you can combine a business visit with a vacation, and renting a car in Plovdiv will allow you to do so. With a car hire Plovdiv, Bulgaria, you can not only do everything in your business, but also relax and have fun in this beautiful city of Bulgaria.

Thanks to the car you will be able to see many beautiful places that are in Plovdiv. The sights of this city will delight you with their uniqueness and uniqueness. Whether you come in winter or in summer, the city has always been an entertainment program and places that will show you Bulgaria from the best side.

Aqualand Water Park will be a great place for your vacation. Tourists, guests of the country, as well as residents of the city and Bulgaria spend their time here with great joy. Both children and adults fell in love with the water park and became regular visitors. The water park itself is located on the territory of one of the hotels in the city, so those who live in it will be able to use the entertainment services of the water park for free. You can see many different rides in this wonderful place. You are guaranteed a great mood. Constantly hear the laughter of children and adults who have fun here and get a lot of fun. Separate playgrounds have been built for children, where they will also be able to have fun. There are cafes in the water park, so you can have a snack at any time.
Be sure to visit the ethnographic museum in Plovdiv. There is a rich exhibition that presents the culture and traditions of the Bulgarian Revival. The museum has thousands of exhibits, including musical instruments, national clothing, household items, costumes, artwork and more. You will be able to immerse yourself in the history of Bulgaria and feel the atmosphere of the XIX century. The museum acquaints its guests with the folk crafts of the Bulgarians. These exhibitions are of particular interest to tourists.
One of the most famous landmarks of Plovdiv is “Jumay Mosque”. This is the main Muslim prayer structure. It is one of the largest and oldest religious buildings. The mosque is still open today, so entry is only possible under a certain dress code.
More than a century ago, the gates of Hissar Kapia were built. Today it is one of the symbols of Plovdiv. This place has experienced many historical events and the original buildings have almost disappeared. But it still never ceases to amaze the architectural and historical structure of many visitors. Visiting this place, you will get the impression that you have entered the last century. It is difficult to find such ancient buildings and places as here. Tourists come here voluntarily every year and the popularity of the gates of Hissar Kapia is growing rapidly.


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The city of Plovdiv has many other attractions. You can visit many different museums, restaurants, theaters and parks. Such places will be remembered for a long time and will save a lot of wonderful impressions of this city. It will also not be difficult to go on tour to the nearest cities, which will also reveal many secrets from Bulgaria. This country has always been distinguished by its hospitality, so all the best conditions will be provided for your movements. Cheap car hire in Plovdiv from TS rent a car Bulgaria and head to every city. Near Plovdiv there are many different resorts where you can enjoy the cleanest air and amazing nature.
Do not miss anything, because Bulgaria is so rich in history and culture. An incredible number of unique places that are known around the world will make your vacation unforgettable. In addition, Plovdiv is not high and all affordable, so you can take your whole family and boldly go on a trip.

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