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Nessebar, against the background of all other larger cities in Bulgaria, is a miniature and cozy city, located only 37 kilometres from the Burgas airport. Its cobbled narrow streets are capable of capturing the heart of any visiting tourist. It is also a very important point that all local residents welcome every tourist to their city. Isn’t it a joy for the souls of visiting people?

But no less joy for tourists will also be the possibility of booking a car rental in Nessebar with TS rent a car Burgas, thanks to which you can move around the city more mobile without any problems and quite inexpensively, spending your precious time not waiting for the bus, but exploration of all available attractions, of which there are a great many.

This city was founded over 3,000 years ago. Its original founders were Greeks. Then this city was conquered by the Romans. The Romans did their best to this city, transforming it from a small village into a fairly important link for trade and a large seaport. Many peoples also had to rule in this city. Taking into account the different transitional times, the Byzantines, Bulgarian princes, as well as the Turks also claimed the city. During the rule of different cultures, the city has experienced both times of strong decline and real prosperity.

But the troubled times are long over. Today this city is one of the pearls on the resort necklace in Bulgaria, which allows it to more than actively develop in an economic, social and cultural direction. Along with the development of the city, the market of services provided is also actively developing, including the car rental market in Nessebar, where TS rent a car Burgas is located separately, offering to book a car for rental without leaving the hotel.

Although the city cannot be called a megalopolis due to its rather small size, there still often arises the need to use transport to quickly move to various interesting places. Of course, you can always use public transport. But this is not always convenient due to the rigid binding to the schedule or route, in which you can easily get confused. A good solution to this situation would be to use a taxi, but there are pitfalls here, because very often unscrupulous carriers multiply the cost of their services, hoping to easily profit from unsuspecting tourists. However, there is another option – to rent a car in Nessebar from TS rent a car Burgas, and set the routes of your trips by yourself, without fear of being deceived.

In ancient times, the city suffered a rather serious flooding, due to which it irrevocably lost a third of its area. If you look at the outlines of this city, you will notice that it resembles a small island in the middle of the majestic Black Sea. And such a quiet and seemingly aloof city continues its active participation in the modern life of the noisy resort country of Bulgaria, in no way yielding to its larger “brothers”. The town located to the north of Burgas is not perceived as a single whole, since it consists of two parts, connected by a kind of isthmus, the length of which is 300 meters.

The meeting of guests begins with the mill; it is she who represents this city. The new half of the city is conveniently located near the Sunny Beach resort. There you will be able to observe new and modern buildings, as well as various hospitable hotels, but for architecture lovers there will be some interesting things. But the old half of Nessebar has something to show its tourists, since it is in that part of the peninsula that various interesting sights will be presented to your attention, almost at every step. This part of the peninsula is connected to the land by a majestic bridge, across which both pedestrians and cars can easily move. Although the old part of the city is often called small, in reality, you can safely walk along its colourful streets for hours.


But a car trip can be no less interesting and informative way to explore the city. Fortunately, there is a company TS rent a car Burgas, which has been successfully providing its car rental services in Nessebar and other resort towns in Bulgaria for many years. Taking a car for rent in Nessebar now does not cost a lot of money – the same trip by taxi or rented car is comparable in price, but at the same time you do not run the risk of being deceived by an unscrupulous carrier, and you also decide for yourself when and to which point in the city or even country you want to go.

The colourful beaches of Nessebar are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the whole of Bulgaria. The climate here is very mild and pliable. It is clearly seen that nature here seemed to be aimed precisely at creating picturesque places, and she coped with the task perfectly. On the wide coastal strip, any tourist can easily find something to do, ranging from serene reading of his favourite book on a sunbed, to engaging in more active, or even extreme types of recreation, which are windsurfing and diving.

The resort town is also pleased to offer a vacation with a wide selection of hotels to suit every taste and wallet size. Those who wish to save a little can choose rooms in 2 or 3-star hotels, while tourists who are accustomed to having a rest “in a big way” will easily find accommodation under the roofs of hotels with 4 and 5 stars. Also here, in recent years, it has become very popular to settle in houses with a century-old history, which have already acquired all the attributes of modern life, guaranteeing a high level of comfort.

TS rent a car Nessebar also guarantees a high level of comfort of its cars, offering to use car rental services in Nessebar. In the wide fleet of our company, absolutely anyone can pick up a car for rent for all occasions, whether it be a short trip around the city’s outskirts, or a long trip across the country in the company of family or friends. Renting a car in our company, whether it be a large minibus or a tiny runabout, is a matter of five minutes, and the convenience of its use and the low price of the provided car rental services in Nessebar will allow you to more vividly experience the unforgettable days of your trip to the picturesque resorts of Bulgaria.

The town of Nessebar is well known for its many historical events. Its architectural structure speaks for itself. It is in this city that you can admire the Thracian fortress walls, there are also buildings of the Hellenistic era, many buildings of the Middle Ages, as well as houses in front of you, in the era of which nationality was formed. Not many people know that it is Nessebar that is famous for its numerous churches. Since the XII-XIV centuries, this small city by its size has managed to erect more than 40 active churches! In the architectural appearance of these churches, we can observe a mixed work of Slavic and Greek culture. At the present time, in the city of Nessebar, 4 churches have been converted into museums. Any visiting tourist can visit them, as their doors are always open. The city also has a functioning church of the Holy Mother of God, which is famous for its icon, capable of healing both spiritual wounds in a person and bodily. First of all, many tourists strive not to miss this opportunity and rather visit a church with the opportunity to heal and help people in need. But if you want to see the romantic side of the city, then you need to pay attention to the buildings of the Bulgarian Revival period. It is they who give this city a light romantic look. In many of these buildings, you can find operating restaurants and various shops offering various souvenirs for purchase. It should also be said that each souvenir product is made by hand by Bulgarian craftsmen, who put their whole soul into this process.


Cheap car hire in Nessebar from TS rent a car Burgas

Employees of TS car rental Nessebar invest in their work just as well as local artisans, offering you a high level of service and comfort. To feel it for you – take the opportunity to rent a car in Nessebar and you will not regret it. Fortunately, this is very easy to do and does not take much time. Just call or write to us using the contact details indicated on the website, name the car you want to rent, indicate your passport details and that’s it – you can go by car rented from Nessebar to anywhere in the country. The level of service here is so high that you do not even have to personally visit the office of the company – you just need to indicate the place and time of your arrival in the city, where the desired car will be waiting for you together with our representative. As you can see, booking and taking a car with TS car rental Nessebar requires just a few simple steps, and the benefits and comfort of using the car rental services in Nessebar more than cover a few minutes of the time spent on the application.

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