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Immediately after arriving in our wonderful city, you will instantly realize that Varna is a rather large and developed European city, but it does not deprive it of its charm as a southern resort of Bulgaria. Cozy narrow streets, sandy beaches, salty sea breeze and fresh juicy fruit – all so familiar and sweet to the heart of every tourist. However, the rest here is not limited to just sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea, and goes far beyond this. In Varna, everyone will find something to their liking. If you are a lover of antiquities and excursions – you will be interested in ancient architecture, museums and monuments, the royal estate and the large cathedral of Varna. And if you have come to improve health and gain strength, be sure to look into the local sanatoriums, where water from mineral springs and the world-famous healing muds of Varna Lake will do the job. And even for those who like to eat, we have some of the city’s best to offer – traditional Bulgarian dishes and seafood dishes which will pleasantly surprise you with their unique taste.
But before you visit all these places, you need to solve one problem – how to get to them. You can use a bus or a taxi, but it is long and not convenient. In addition, you find yourself tied to the time and route of the journey, which significantly reduces the comfort and pleasure of travel, and a large passenger flow will finally spoil the mood of anyone. You can also call a taxi. But there are pitfalls – you can get on an unscrupulous driver, who not only can put your life and health in danger, but also deliberately increase the prices of services and you will spend much more money than planned. The best solution to this problem will be to rent a car at Varn airport. And it is easier, cheaper and faster to rent from TS car hire Varna airport, which in no time will provide any, from the list presented on the official website of the company, car for rent. In order to use the car rental service at Varna airport, you just need to contact our managers by phone or email, name the brand and model of the car you are interested in renting at Varna airport, inform the time and place where you would like to get it and everything is done! Exactly in the appointed place and time we will be waiting for you with a rental car. A representative from our company will conduct the necessary briefing and hand over the keys to the rental car, after which you will immediately be able to go on a long and interesting journey to any places not only of our city, but the whole country, because the car rented in our company completely does not have restrictions on mileage, making your journeys on a rented car even more comfortable.
At airport Varna is presented car rental service all year round, as it is one of the most necessary services for people who came to Varna both on a business visit and for tourists who want to spend their holidays not only in Varna, but all over the country. Varna knows what can please its guests, and it is not only crystal clear, with warm sea and beaches, but also the most famous cultural and historical heritage of the city. After all, it is not for nothing that tourists and the inhabitants of the city have nicknamed Varna – the sea capital. With a variety of cultural attractions, activities and car rentals, you can enjoy your holiday.
Roman thermals, an antique public space occupying an area of 7,000 square meters, built in the 2nd century, when Emperor Antony Pius ruled, became particularly popular. Residents of the city visited the thermals every day. Everyone can make enjoy: swimming, sports, shops, etc. This architectural structure is sure to visit, and to do it on a rented car is simple.
The religious emblem of the city is the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, allowing you to enjoy beautiful architecture and murals. The Men’s Bulgarian Choir will please visitors with its performance. Renting a car will allow you to visit another religious landmark of the city – the Church of St. Anastasia, distinguished by its original architecture, built in the 19th century. The halls are represented by ancient frescoes, icons and mosaics, and here you can see a real altar.
If you are interested in the history of the city, you can also visit museums. The Archaeological Museum is one of Varna’s biggest attractions, with an area of 2,000 square meters, formerly a maiden gymnasium. The museum has a huge collection of coins of different times, stone tombstones with reliefs, one of the exhibits is the oldest piece of real gold, the age of which is more than 6000 years. Also, in a rented car you will easily get to the Ethnographic Museum, known for its display of Bulgarian life since the 19th century: national clothes, utensils, decorations, household items, etc. There is a huge collection of national costumes, a collection of fabrics, utensils made of copper, silver jewelry, plough and objects with which bread was prepared.
For those who just want to go for a walk there is the Seaside Park, located almost at the seashore and rich in rare species of trees and plants. There are a lot of benches, alleys, walkways for pedestrians. The park area is also home to the Aquarium, The Dolphinarium, the Terrarium, the zoo, the Wish Bridge and the Summer Theatre. You can also sit in cafes, bars and restaurants. Thanks to the ideal climate for spending time on the beach, fans of sea holidays can visit the rental car objects located outside of Varna.

One of the most popular resort near the city is Golden Sands, which is named so because the local beaches are covered with golden sand. The resort area features well-equipped and spacious beaches, the width of which is more than a hundred meters. The whole area of the beach is considered a protected area and attracts the purest sea water with amazing picturesque nature. The beach includes both places for a relaxing holiday, as well as for active sporting events. An equally prestigious seaside resort is also considered to be Saints Constantine and Elena, known for its elite holidays and various exciting entertainments for all tastes. High-end resorts should include Sunny Day, which will be appreciated by fans of SPA-salons and healing mineral springs, which are most convenient to go to on a rented car from the company TS car rental Varna airport. There are a lot of other, no less interesting places in Varna, where there is something to see and have a good time. With the help of renting a car from our company you will not miss anything, and a visit to the cultural and historical places of Varna will bring you a lot of positive emotions!


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Varna Airport has been around since 1948. Varna Airport is constantly expanding and developing, as well as having an impact on the expansion and improvement of transport networks of trade and tourism between East and West. Directly from the airport you can go anywhere in the Varna region and the country as a whole. The airport offers useful services to all who come to Varna for business or just to relax. One of the services is rent a car at airport Varna . You have a wonderful opportunity to easily rent a car at Varna airport and use it within a certain period of time or for the duration of your stay in the country. Thus, you will be able to see all the attractions not only of the city of Varna, but also its regional points, which are the resorts of the Bulgarian Black Sea. The airport in Varna offers low-cost car rental services, which allows tourists to comfortably reach the address of temporary stay, as well as to move freely around the city and beyond. The car rental service is not expensive and costs favorably to any guest of the city. As we mentioned, a car rental Varna airport can be taken right on the airport grounds, right after landing your plane, which is a great convenience and advantage. Varna Airport is located eight kilometers from the city and has a direct connection with the international highways E-70 and F-87, which allows tourists to move comfortably anywhere in the Varna region and to other destinations throughout the country, which is very beneficial for visitors to Bulgaria. In any case, the opportunity to rent a car at Varna Airport is much more profitable and comfortable than to use the services of urban transport or taxis, because with our company you choose the routes and the time of the journey.

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