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The town of Primorsko is located in southeastern Bulgaria. This is a wonderful resort, famous for its youth center. Here you will be delighted with the amazing nature. Sea air, forests, bright sun and clear skies will always attract a large number of tourists. The city is rich in historical sites, which will allow you to travel back several centuries and experience a special atmosphere. It will be interesting for you to visit the sights of the city, which are of great value for Bulgaria. Also not far from the resort there are beautiful meadows and many other amazing places that will catch your attention. Sometimes Primorsko is called a paradise. This is not surprising, because here you can have a great rest with your family. As soon as you arrive in Bulgaria, you will immediately be given the opportunity to rent a car and drive to this resort without any problems. In addition, you can always go on a trip to neighboring cities. The Bulgarian company will provide you with the best conditions and provide you with complete security. It will be especially convenient to rent a car if you are traveling with your family. It is worth taking care of the comfort initially so that the rest is at the highest level. A variety of types of cars will be provided for your attention, so you can choose any that you like and suit your family.

Also, your family will love it if you don’t have to travel around this heavenly city on boring buses or taxis. But what if you didn’t come here by personal car? The answer is simple – rent a car in Primorsko. Agree, it is much more convenient to plan your trips on your own, without tying yourself to the schedule and route of buses. Among the many offers for car rental in Primorsko, there is one company whose services are very difficult to refuse – TS rent a car Burgas airport. Believe me, renting a car from TS rent a car Burgas airport is not only fast, but also profitable. To make a booking request for a car rental in Primorsko with us, you will only need to spend 10 minutes of your time. Call or write to our specialists, indicate the rental car you are interested in, give some passport details and details of your driver’s license and, after a short check by our security service, you can fully start using the car rental services in Primorsko from TS rent a car Burgas airport.

The city has a well-developed infrastructure, so every year a huge number of tourists can visit this amazing resort. The doors of any hotel where you can stay will be open for you. The rooms are very comfortable, there is a TV, internet, bath and everything you need. It will only give you pleasure to be in such a place. Outside the window there will be a beautiful landscape, so it will be especially pleasant to wake up in the morning. The prices here are very different, depending on your desire for comfort. Basically, the prices are affordable, you can get better acquainted with the rooms on the Internet, on one of the travel sites. You can also book a room there and then you definitely won’t have any problems.


You will enjoy even just walking the streets of the city. Visit restaurants and cafes where delicious cuisine is prepared. The most varied selection of cuisine is in restaurants, so you can try your favorite dishes at any time. There are also many different shops where shoppers can spend a lot of their time. As already mentioned, Primorsko is a very beautiful city, as it is surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature. In addition, there are a lot of attractions here that are definitely worth a visit.

Not far away is the Ropotamo nature reserve, where rare species of animals, birds, reptiles and fish are found. Such a place attracts a huge number of visitors. It is believed that this is one of the oldest nature reserves in Bulgaria, therefore it is especially appreciated not only among tourists, but also among local residents. A very dense forest amazes everyone who enters it with its beauty. Pleasant and clean air will accompany you throughout the excursion. In addition to trees and special plants, you can also see wild vines and other climbing plants. Surrounded by the reserve, an amazingly beautiful estuary flows, which adorns this area and makes it even more attractive. Rapotamo is the purest and untouched nature reserve. You will definitely love it if you visit such a unique place. It is not for nothing that every year such a huge number of tourists strive to come and see such beauty with their own eyes. There will be a good opportunity for those who stay in Primorsko.

An amazing natural phenomenon – Sand Dune. In the sands you can find all kinds of plants, mammals, amphibians. In addition, they are on the verge of extinction, therefore, they are considered a very rare phenomenon. Some of them are listed in the Red Book. This place occupies a huge area, which allows many living things to be on its territory.

The huge area of ​​the resort town of Primorsko cannot be well explored without your own transport. And it is better to rent a car in this heavenly place from the market leader – TS rent a car Burgas airport. Many years of work in this field have borne fruit, and now we can rightfully be considered the best of our kind, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of customers satisfied with our work. Try to reserve and borrow a car from us once and you will come back to us again. In addition, we are constantly developing towards simplifying the procedure for issuing a car for rent in Primorsko, which makes cooperation with us even more convenient.

About ten years ago, the Thracian sanctuary “Beglik Tash” was found. It has become one of the main attractions in Bulgaria. The sanctuary dates back to the end of the Bronze Age. This is a very ancient structure, which miraculously survived to this day. Once upon a time, ancient people made this place holy. They came to worship him, made sacrifices, sanctified objects. Archaeologists and scientists who studied the place concluded that the structure here served as a temple, clock and calendar. There are many legends that are associated with this place.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention Cape Maslen Nos. It is one of the three largest capes in Bulgaria, therefore it is especially appreciated in this country. Large golden beaches can be seen around it. It got this name due to its shape, which resembles a nose. Much attention is paid to the underwater part, where you can go fishing, search for missing ships and other items. Therefore, this place is ideal for treasure hunters.

Thus, you can have a great time going on excursions to neighboring villages, where there are many attractive places. You will see historical sites, amazing nature and unforgettable natural phenomena. Excursions will make your vacation memorable and leave a lot of good impressions. This city contains many stories, legends and stories that describe the character of the local people. The amazing nature will make your stay here much more enjoyable. You can have a great time walking along the embankment in the evenings, at night there are nightclubs where great music plays and where you can meet new friends. But the most important feature of the resort is the opportunity to actively relax. You can do any kind of sport here. If you are a water sports lover, then skiing, skydiving and windsurfing will always be at your service. There are also special grounds where you can play volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, golf and other sports. In the sports complex, you will be able to maintain your physical condition, and nature will take care of your mental and spiritual health. After all, it is important that there is always peace in the soul. The atmosphere at the resort is such that you can relax and unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. Many doctors advise people who have nervous system problems or who have been under stress to go outside. This place is ideal for restoring lost strength and health. You will forget about all the stress that you received earlier and will be able to return home full of energy and positive charge. What could be better than such a vacation.


Cheap car rental in Primorsko, Bulgaria from TS rent a car Burgas airport

In the car fleet of TS rent a car Burgas airport you can find many cars for rent for every taste and wallet size. For people who just want to drive around the neighborhood without spending fabulous sums of their hard-earned savings, we offer to rent a car with a small and economical engine, the cost of renting which will not significantly hit their pocket. If you come to Primorsko with a large group of friends or relatives, TS rent a car Bulgaria, Primorsko will be glad to offer a large and roomy minibus. And for those whose soul wants to roam properly, and the funds allow it to be done, TS rent a car Bulgaria, Primorsko has several premium cars, always ready to go on a long journey. As you can see, our main goal is the comfort and tranquility of our clients. We are glad to everyone, and we are ready to offer everyone the highest level of service, trying to make all the wishes of the client come true. That is why we are the leaders in the car rental market in Primorsko.

Primorsko has always been famous as one of the best resorts where you can have a good rest and have a great time, and even with benefit. For a family holiday, this resort is ideal. New impressions are guaranteed, a lot of positive emotions and a wonderful pastime. Do not forget that you will always have the opportunity to go on excursions to any cities in Bulgaria if you use the services of a car rental. Then your trip will become much more comfortable and make your trip unforgettable. Plus, you will be completely safe. You will remember this city for a long time and you will definitely want to come back here.


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