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Velingrad is one of the most popular cities in Bulgaria for tourism. It has a convenient geographic location. The distance to Sofia is 130 km, and to Plovdiv 85 km. Here is the best SPA center, so every year a large number of foreigners go to this resort town. Previously, it was an ordinary balneological center, but today it is a modern SPA resort, where you can have a good rest and significantly improve your health. Velingrad gradually developed thanks to paying guests. In addition to the fact that there are dense forests and charming nature around, the city began to be actively built up, the infrastructure developed greatly. Pools, hotels, conference rooms, apartments and many other conditions for a comfortable stay were built. It also has a very convenient location. It is believed that Velingrad occupies the most beautiful part of the Rhodope Mountains. Here you can enjoy amazing nature and crystal clear and fresh air, which is very healthy. Doctors recommend that patients who have diseases of the respiratory tract or the nervous system go to recover in just such places. Thus, the rest in this city will be not only exciting, but also very useful. There are many different legends about Velingrad. Some residents believe that Orpheus used to live here. Although the city is young, it is already very popular among the guests of the country. The name was given to him in honor of the active activist of the country – Vela Peeva. She actively fought for the freedom of her country and left a mark on the history of Bulgaria. Velingrad has a very pleasant climate. Winters are mild and summers are cool. Since the mountains surround the city, there are no strong winds here. The ideal climatic conditions make the city even more attractive.

To fully enjoy the local beauty, without neglecting its comfort, TS car hire in Bulgaria is always glad to help you, which has been successfully operating in the car rental market in Velingrad, as well as in many other large cities of sunny Bulgaria for many, many years. Renting a car in Velingrad from TS car hire in Bulgaria means entrusting your comfort and safety to professionals in their field.

Bulgaria has always been distinguished by its hospitality and Velingrad is no exception. There are a huge number of hotels and inns where guests can always stay and enjoy the comfort. The friendly staff will make sure that nothing makes you uncomfortable. Cozy rooms are equipped with everything you need to stay. Some hotels offer a picturesque view that does not leave indifferent any tourist. Here you can also find restaurants and cafes serving delicious Bulgarian cuisine. Thanks to clean ecology, all products are of high quality and have a unique taste. That is why Bulgarian dishes have become so popular among the guests of the country. This also applies to wine. It is distinguished by endurance and quality, so many tourists prefer to buy it as a souvenir that will remind of this wonderful place, or as a gift to their loved ones. There is Internet access so you can always stay in touch with your family or conduct business negotiations. There are several 4-star hotels in the city, as well as many different places to stay. The time spent here will be a lot of pleasure. You can check the availability of rooms on one of the hotel’s websites, and it is also possible to book a room in advance.


To stand for a long time at stops under the blazing sun, or to wait for the arrival of a taxi, driven by a complete stranger, is rather uncomfortable and, in some cases, even dangerous. Moreover, the use of the above methods of transportation automatically and rigidly ties you to the time and place of departure, as well as the route of travel, which may not suit you for a number of reasons. It’s another matter if you use the opportunity to rent a car in Velingrad. Fortunately, to do this, all you need to do is take a phone, call TS car hire in Bulgaria and perform a few simple actions that will take a few minutes of your time. Using the car rental services from the market leader in these services, TS car hire in Bulgaria, has long been no more difficult than ordering food to your home. And a number of additional services, such as the delivery of the selected car for rent to any point in the city, further simplify the process of car rental in Velingrad.

The city is rich in attractions that are sure to grab your attention. The most popular attraction is Kleptuza. This is a huge karst spring located on the Balkan Peninsula. The natural phenomenon is especially appreciated by the Bulgarian people. There are many legends and stories about this place. Even today, for many tourists and locals, Kleptuza is a natural wonder. Water flows out of it and forms two beautiful lakes. There are beautiful dense trees nearby, which resulted in the creation of the Kleptuza park. A few kilometers from Kleptuza, you can see the long Lepenitsa cave. It has two floors and is open to tourists. You can go on a guided tour with an experienced guide and learn a lot about the cave and its history. For this, groups of ten people are created, which is given special equipment. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules so as not to damage the natural landmark of the country. The length is 1525 meters. Inside, unique shapes are formed that resemble strange shapes.

Of course, one cannot imagine a Bulgarian city without a church. In Veligrad there is the Holy Trinity, which is one of the oldest operating in the city. The construction of the temple began during the Ottoman rule, so the dimensions had to be hidden underground. They forbade the building of large churches, so the first temple went deep into the ground and had practically no windows. Gradually, annexes were built to the temple, and after the liberation, a bell tower was also built. The church is beautifully decorated and has an interesting architectural structure. In addition, it has become the country’s national monument and cultural heritage.

The main advantage of renting a car in Velingrad, as well as in other cities of immense Bulgaria, is the opportunity to go by car rented on exactly the route that you like. Car rental from TS car hire in Bulgaria literally frees you from the boring and hackneyed routes of tourist buses. And this is only a small part of all the amenities that you will get from traveling in a rented car, believe me.

In 1952, a historical museum was founded, which houses a large number of unique exhibits found during archaeological excavations and various studies. All exhibitions can be divided into three parts: an ethnographic exhibition, a memorial exhibition and an exhibition of Painted Easter Eggs. There are also exhibits that remind you that there are mineral waters in the city. They belong to the base, so you can see interesting materials, documents and photographs. The last addition was an exposition dedicated to the singer Nikolai Gyaurov. His family donated his personal belongings, documents and photographs to the museum. For many years, it is true, he served his people and delighted everyone with his wonderful opera singing. The Historical Museum will help you to get closer to the history and culture of Velingrad, so the excursion will become informative for tourists.


Cheap car rental in Bulgaria Velingrad from TS rent a car Sofia

There are two huge and important cities in the country nearby. Plovdiv is considered the oldest city in Europe and contains many interesting stories, sights and ancient sites. This attracts a lot of visitors. The old town attracts a lot of attention, where archaeological excavations are still being carried out. During the entire period, many exhibits were found, which are now in the museum of the city. Sofia has become the most attractive destination in Bulgaria thanks to the combination of two worlds – the past and the present. Walking along the streets of the city, you can travel back several centuries, as there are many architectural and historical buildings that have survived since the Renaissance. In addition, the city has many fascinating establishments that will not make their guests bored. Restaurants, bars, cafes, night clubs make life brighter and more interesting. One day is not enough for you to visit all the delights of Sofia. That is why it will be convenient to rent a car. This will save you a lot of time. Besides, here are the most affordable prices in Bulgaria. Many tourists have already become convinced of the quality of the service, and got a lot of pleasure from an unforgettable trip.

Velingrad will give the most pleasant impressions and memories that will make your stay wonderful. Here you can not only spend your time interestingly, but also usefully. Thanks to the mineral springs, many visitors have already been able to heal from diseases and ailments. The city will help get rid of all negativity and worries, as well as give new strength and fill with positive energy.

Those who rent a car have great privileges. TS rent a car Sofia provides excellent services for tourists so that they can travel around the country without restrictions. A large selection of cars and the comfort from their use will ensure a wonderful vacation for you and your family, and the low cost of booking a car rental, coupled with a wide range of additional services, excellent service and polite staff, ready to answer all your questions and provide assistance on the road to any time of the day or night, will completely revolutionize your idea of ​​car rental. Once you have used the opportunity to rent a car in Velingrad with us, you are unlikely to return to the outdated and boring ways of transportation, such as buses or taxis. Several thousand people have already become our clients, join us too.


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