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Blagoevgrad is a city in Bulgaria, which is located in beautiful and picturesque places. The city is surrounded by such mountains as Pirin, Rila and Vlahina Gora. This makes it very attractive for tourists who like mountain vacations. In addition, Blagoevgrad is one of the largest cities in the southwest of the country. Nearby are Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. The distance to Sofia is approximately one hundred kilometers.

Previously, the ancient Thracian settlement of Skaptopara stood on this place, then the city of Blagoevgrad was built on its ruins. This place is rich in mineral springs, which made it possible to create a health-improving complex. The water temperature reaches approximately 55 degrees. Mineral waters can be used internally as well as externally. They are used to treat the respiratory organs, nervous system, urinary system, diseases of the female and male reproductive systems, endocrine system and cardiovascular diseases. Prevention of dental caries, blood poisoning and many other diseases is also carried out. Such an abundance of useful activities attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

Prevention of various diseases is of course good. However, many doctors say that most diseases arise from nerves, and so that no ailment touches you, you need to worry as little as possible. The TS cheap car hire Bulgaria company in Blagoevgrad, of course, will not be able to protect you from all the unpleasant situations that happen in life, but we can take care of the convenience and comfort of your movements. You only need to rent a car from The TS cheap car hire Bulgaria, and one problem will be less. Now you do not need to stand at dusty stops while waiting for the bus, studying the time and routes of their following. From now on, you yourself decide when and which way you will go, being in silence, cleanliness and comfort, which will have a positive impact on your emotional state. In addition, booking a car for rental in Bolgoevgrad with The TS cheap car hire Bulgaria does not take much time and does not require a lot of documents – you only need a passport and a driver’s license.

There are hotels in the city where guests can always stay. The service is of a high level, cozy rooms and good conditions will surely please you. The most popular are Phoenix, Bachinovo and Ezerets. These are three-star hotels, which are already loved by tourists. The most affordable prices, among the three hotels, are considered in “Phoenix”, if you do not take into account food. It is located in the city center. The reception is open around the clock, there is internet, parking, laundry, dry cleaning, business center and many other services. The rooms have air conditioning, TV, telephone, mini bar, bathroom, kitchen and kitchen utensils. Cleaning and linen change is carried out every two days. You can visit the restaurant and taste traditional Bulgarian dishes. The hotel has a banquet room and a conference room where you can host various events.

Park Hotel Bachinovo is a health complex. It is surrounded by green forests and therefore attracts the attention of foreigners. The location of the hotel allows you to go on sightseeing trips to other cities and resorts. The hotel consists of three apartments and thirty-eight rooms. Depending on the choice of the room, the level of comfort will depend. The rooms have air conditioning, terraces, mini bar, telephone, TV, bathroom, hairdryer and bathrobes. In addition, there is the Internet and every day the rooms are cleaned, and the bed linen is every two days. As this is a wellness center, you will be provided with different types of massages, steam bath, sauna and spa treatments, which are free for hotel guests. With healing therapies, you can spend time that benefits your health. Good conditions for children: baby cot, high chair and playground. On the third floor, you can visit the restaurant and taste local dishes. A favorite place for visitors to the hotel is a large balcony, which offers a magical view of the mountains and forest.


To rent a car in Blagoevgrad with TS cheap car hire Bulgaria, you just need to contact us in any of the available ways indicated in the “Contacts” section, choose the car that you would like to rent, name the operator passport data and some information about the driver’s license, and that’s all – you can already reserve and take the car. Just a few simple steps and a little free time separate you from the opportunity to rent a car in Blagoevgrad, and the comfort of using car rental services will continue throughout your stay in this resort town.

Hotel “Ezerets” offers services in three directions: tourism, leisure and business. You will love the wonderful and cozy atmosphere. Due to its convenient location, it is possible to go on excursions to different cities and areas. In addition, the hotel organizes trips to places such as Rila Monastery, Bansko, Rila and Pirin. The hotel has free internet, TV, bathroom, hairdryer, mini bar, and refrigerator. Ezerets is famous for the fact that here you can hold business conferences, presentations, seminars and many other events. The conference room is ideal for business meetings. You will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable hotel for yourself, where you will spend your time and have a good rest.

Besides hotels, there are many amazing sights that attract the attention of many foreigners. One of the most popular places in Bulgaria is the Stob Pyramids. They are painted in different colors: from light yellow to red and brown. The most attractive appearance of the pyramid is obtained at sunset and at night, in the moonlight. Their beautiful and varied shapes make them unique. For tourists, a special route is offered, along which they can climb to the top and admire the amazing and simply fabulously beautiful view.

The Varosha quarter (old town) is considered a unique phenomenon. It is imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance. At that time, the elite of the city lived in the Varosha area. One-story houses with small windows attract a lot of attention. On the territory of the quarter there is a temple, a historical museum and the Rila National Park. It will be very interesting for tourists to visit this ancient place, which reminds of the past and creates a special atmosphere.

TS car rental in Bulgaria is developed by leaps and bounds, constantly striving to maximize and simplify the booking process for car rental for our dear customers. None of the current companies operating in the field of car rental in Blagoevgrad is able to offer such a simple, fast and convenient way for the end consumer to rent a car. To rent a car in Blagoevgrad from our company TS car rental in Bulgaria means to trust the professionals in their field.

In the city of Blagoevgrad itself, there are several churches that are an important part of the cultural heritage. Not far from the city you can see the ruins of an ancient fortress, which have been preserved in very good condition.

From Blagoevgrad there is an opportunity to get to the capital of Bulgaria. For this, it is ideal to rent a car and create the best travel conditions. Especially if you are traveling with your family, it will be much more profitable to rent a car. This will help save you time and effort. Sofia is very rich in historical and cultural heritage. The architectural and historical buildings of enormous size make a great impression. The city combines several styles, ranging from the ancient, Renaissance to the most modern buildings. This makes it unique. Every year, a large number of tourists head to the charming city to visit the sights and spend their time actively. Churches play an important role in the history of Bulgaria, so you will see temples and cathedrals in almost every city. Historical museums contain unique exhibits from ancient times. By visiting the museums, you can get to know better the culture and life of the inhabitants of this land. It is believed that Sofia has very good restaurants. You will have the opportunity to taste real Bulgarian wine. Thanks to the clean ecology and pleasant climate, all products are of high quality, so Bulgarian dishes have a special taste. You can actively spend time at night. There are many nightclubs, discos and bars in the city, where good music is played, a large selection of drinks and an interesting design. Many guests of the country admire the beautiful city of Sofia.

Blagoevgrad is a wonderful place for family holidays, business and tourism. It is not surprising that such a large number of visitors come to the resort every year from all over the world. Visiting the unique places and sights of the city, you can feel the whole atmosphere of this place and get an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the wellness complex, guests will be able to restore their health and spend an unparalleled vacation. From this journey you will receive inspiration and new strength. Many tourists have already become convinced of the quality of this resort and got a lot of pleasure from the time spent in picturesque places.


Blagoevgrad car rental in Bulgaria from TS cheap car hire Bulgaria

Tourists are given the opportunity to order a car and go on a trip to the cities of Bulgaria, as well as to neighboring countries. Due to the fact that Blagoevgrad is located close to the border with countries such as Greece, Serbia and Macedonia, it will not be difficult to visit these places. Use the services of TS car rental in Bulgaria, and get a lot of pleasure from complete comfort and an exciting trip. Fortunately, our wide fleet of vehicles, numbering several dozen cars for every taste, is able to satisfy the desires of any client who comes to us. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on moving around the city, you can choose and rent a car with a small and economic engine, and if you want to go for a walk to the fullest, do not miss the opportunity to rent a premium car, of which we have more than enough. Cars for rent in Blagoevgrad, contrary to popular belief, have not been something expensive and difficult to design for a very long time. Thanks to such modern and large companies as TS car rental in Bulgaria, you can rent a car, spending only a little more effort and money than calling a regular taxi. But the high level of comfort, as well as the ability to independently plan the time and routes of your trips by car rented from Blagoevgrad, will more than pay off from the very first minutes of using the rented car.

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