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Ahtopol is one of the cities in Bulgaria. It is located closest to the south, unlike other cities. The city has a convenient location, so you can easily go on a tour of the area. There are many historical sites that show the past of ancient people. Today Ahtopol is famous as a seaside resort. The climate is very interesting. Summer and spring are cool and autumn is sunny. The winter is very mild, so it is easy to endure. Summer weather is characterized by the fact that there is a constant movement of air, which is carried out by the sea wind. Such weather conditions make your vacation much more pleasant. The holiday season is extended to October as the sea keeps warm temperatures. The beach is large enough, covered with golden sand. Thanks to such conditions, Ahtopol is rapidly gaining popularity and is constantly developing. Even Bulgarians themselves prefer to relax in this place. There are not many tourists here, besides, a wonderful atmosphere for a relaxing holiday. The resort is well suited for families and families with children. This place is preferred by those who are tired of large and noisy mega cities, as well as those who are looking for peace and quiet. Young people prefer more noisy places. There is only one hotel in the city where you can stay, but you can also rent a house. In most cases, vacationers do just that. Ahtopol has not yet been built up with hotels and other establishments, so a special atmosphere has been preserved here.

However, just renting a small and cozy house for complete happiness will not be enough, because the transport issue still needs to be resolved. You can go the classic way – just use public transport. This option, although the cheapest, has a number of drawbacks, the main of which are attachment to routes and bus travel times. You can go a little further using a taxi to move around the resort. This option is slightly better than the previous one, but it also has pitfalls, which are often dishonest carriers who deliberately inflate the cost of their services for unsuspecting and gullible tourists. In addition, since many of the people who come here prefer renting small houses, it would be useful to rent a car in Ahtopol. In addition, it can be done quickly, simply and inexpensively only from the leader in the market of these services – TS car rental Burgas.

The city also has an interesting history. It is considered one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria. It was founded before our era in 430 by the Thracians. The Greeks lived here for some time. Then the Roman Empire comes and the city changes its name many times. During the Byzantine rule, this place received the name “City of Happiness”. Later, Bulgaria falls under the seizure of the Ottoman Empire, and the Turks take the city. In connection with these events, Ahtopol was destroyed many times, was subjected to complete destruction, and then rebuilt again. Bulgaria, as well as its cities, experienced a difficult period. However, despite all this, today it is a very bright and sunny country, and Ahtopol is a thriving seaside resort. Unfortunately, there are practically no historical sites, but there is always the opportunity to go on an excursion around the neighborhood and see the unique sights of the country. You can go on a picnic and barbecue, in a quiet and peaceful environment. On the other side of the resort, there is a grate opportunity to socialize, spend a romantic evening and enjoy the beautiful nature. Very often, tourists go to the Valka bank, as there is a special recreation area there. You will not meet many people in this area, so this place is ideal to spend your time in peace. Unless the birds will hum, their songs and the quiet sound of the flowing river will be heard. You can relax well and forget about all the worries, as well as get rid of the stress that has been received recently.


Car rental in Ahtopol is no longer something expensive and incredibly difficult. Along with the quality of services for tourists in this resort, the quality of additional services provided to them is also growing, one of which is car rental. We try to keep up with the times; therefore, we are constantly optimizing and simplifying the booking process for car rental not only in the resort described above, but throughout Bulgaria. Our main task is to make people understand that renting a car in Ahtopol is profitable and not at all difficult. Use our services once and you will understand it yourself.

Among the preserved sights of the city, it is worth visiting the Church of the Ascension of Christ. The exact date when the church was built is unknown. There are only many assumptions. One of them is that it was built based on another temple, back in the Middle Ages. Inside, the walls are painted and even the date is written that it was in 1796. It is not a large rectangular room with a snake. It is distinguished by its thick mills, which are one meter wide. The church was built of stones of various shapes. In some places, you can see architectural elements. The frescoes made by a Byzantine icon painter attract a lot of attention. This is an old building that contains amazing art from different times. The Church of the Ascension of Christ is definitely worth a visit to see the historical element of Bulgaria. During the fire, when Ahtopol was on the verge of extinction, the temple miraculously survived and exists to this day. It was included in the list of architectural monuments, which is highly valued by the Bulgarian people.

Another ancient site of the city is Malko Tarnovo. It has a very rich history and is one of the oldest sites in Bulgaria. It was founded at the end of the seventeenth century. It became a favorite place for archaeologists, during excavations, many interesting exhibits were found. Around this place, there are many tombs, ancient sanctuaries, necropolis, etc. There is also a huge building, built in the style of the Renaissance, which houses a historical museum. It will be very interesting for tourists to visit this place and see the amazing exhibits that have survived to this day. In Malko Tarnovo, you can see many historical monuments that are highly valued. There are many historical sites here that constantly attract new guests. This is a unique city that is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

In addition, it will be much more convenient to inspect not only this one, but also other architectural monuments of this paradise place if you use car rental services, in which TS car rental Burgas is happy to help you. In our company, almost anyone with an international driver’s license can use car rental services, and the low cost of car rental in Ahtopol allows you to significantly save money if you plan to move a lot. You just need to contact us in any of the available ways indicated on the website, choose the car that you would like to rent, name your passport details, wait until the end of a short check of the specified information, after which you can already book a car for rental in Ahtopol…

No one can pass by the Strandzha park. This is a huge natural park, which is protected by the state. Its area covers more than thousand square kilometers. You will see a wide variety of plants, animals, birds, reptiles and other species. The climate here is very good, which has a good effect on flora and fauna. You will be delighted with dense forests, fresh air and beautiful nature. In addition to natural values, there are historical sites, monuments, museum exhibitions, memorials. Also worth mentioning are the cultural values of the area, such as the nestinar dances. This is a custom that dates back to pagan times. Dances on coals, which can be seen on holidays. Very unusual cultural value attracts special interest from foreigners.


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The great privilege of this city is that from here you can go not only to various cities in Bulgaria on an excursion, but also to Turkey. There are trips to Istanbul, where you can have a great time. Already many tourists are happy to go to the neighboring country, which borders on Bulgaria, and spend several days in an exotic country. This will allow you to have a great vacation in two countries. Be sure to try national Turkish dishes and fish under the Galata Bridge. It has long been famous for its uniqueness. The best chefs cook there from only caught fish. They say that the taste is great, and the view from that place is simply excellent. Therefore, if you want something active, you can go on an unforgettable journey with your family.

To rent a car in Ahtopol from TS car rental Burgas, not only does not require a large list of documents, it also does not oblige you to personally visit the company’s office, which is especially important in a global pandemic. Just use the service of delivery of the rented car at any convenient place and time, and immediately after leaving the airport, you can go on a rented car for a long and memorable trip with your family or loved ones. Just call us and make sure of the high quality of the services provided and an individual approach to the wishes of each client.

Ahtopol is a very cozy and calm place where you can have a good rest with loved ones. You will enjoy piece and quiet, as well as clean and fresh air. Beautiful nature will give you peace of mind and help you forget about all everyday troubles. A good way to get rid of stress and get peace of mind. You will not be bored either, since there is an opportunity to do what you love even here. In addition, exciting excursions to the cities of Bulgaria will make your trip unforgettable and will give you many new impressions. Such a vacation will be not only interesting, but also very useful. You will not regret going to this resort. Bulgaria will definitely take care of your comfort and great pastime.


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