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Borovets – a ski resort, is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria, it was founded in 1896. General Tantilov was the first to lay the foundations of the first holiday villa, and later Prince Ferdinand himself built a summer residence. It was then that this picturesque place turned into a recreation area for the Bulgarian rulers – kings and aristocrats. Once upon a time in this wooded mountainous area, the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III, Kaiser Wilhelm and other noble persons hunted. Nowadays, Borovets gained a lot of popularity after the Biathlon World Championships. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the resort had a different name – Chamkoria.
Of all the ski resorts in Bulgaria, Borovets is the closest to the capital of this Bulgaria, the city of Sofia – only 73 kilometers, 10 kilometers from the town of Samokov and 125 kilometers from the town of Plovdiv. Borovets is located on the picturesque northern slopes of the Rila mountain range, at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. Book a rent a car in Bulgaria and travel comfortably during your holiday. The resort provides all the necessary and comfortable amenities for a great holiday. Just 83 kilometers away is the wonderful city of Blagoevgrad, if you are planning to relax in the mountains, or rather in the resort of Borovets, and then be sure to visit this beautiful sunny city. Blagoevgrad is popular for its cultural events and attractions, infrastructure, various types of entertainment and beautiful nature. Contact the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria and order a car rental. The company’s specialists will provide you with all the necessary information and assistance for car rental services in Bulgaria.
Another popular Bulgarian resort, Samokov, is located ten kilometers from Borovets. It was here in 1981 and 1984 that the Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions were held. In the city of Samokov, there are also many historical and cultural attractions, as well as beautiful old monasteries. The climate in this area is more than favorable – the average temperature in January is about 4.8 ° C, and the ski season starts from mid-December to April. Borovets is not only beautiful, picturesque with a favorable climate and conditions for recreation, but also for living. Many foreign citizens have purchased real estate here over the years. Buying real estate in the Borovets resort is profitable and promising. Here you can relax both in winter and in summer. Book a rent a car in Bulgaria and travel comfortably across beautiful Bulgaria. The car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria, offers favorable conditions for car rental. Booking a car for rent in Bulgaria is quick and easy – you can do it in advance via the Internet or by phone – contact a car rental specialist and book a car before arriving in Bulgaria. For those who often visit Bulgaria, the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria offers club cards, they are intended only for regular customers of the company. The club card of the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria, will give you the opportunity to use discounts, promotions and bonuses. The price of car rental includes: “Vinetka” / toll on the highways of Bulgaria /, auto insurance, 24/7 emergency auto assistance, unlimited mileage, as well as CDW and TP. Using the services of car rental – TS rent a car Bulgaria, you can travel unlimitedly throughout the territory of Bulgaria. You can order a car for any period – for 2 hours, for a day, for several days, a week, for several weeks, for a month, etc. Go to the website of TS car rentals in Sofia, a car rental company in Bulgaria, where you will be acquainted with all the information you need, promotions, car rental services in Bulgaria, car rental catalog, etc. You can contact our specialists by phone or by e-mail. Borovets ski resort offers everything you need for a good winter holiday: prestigious hotels, guest houses, cottages, spa centers, restaurants, swimming pools and, of course, ski slopes with all the necessary equipment – lifts, snowmobiles, cloakroom, changing rooms, ski and snowboard instructors. In short – here you can do different kinds of winter sports. In the highest part of the Rila massif, there is the Markudzhik ski resort, and the snow cover reaches 2 meters in the high season.
One of the best places in Bulgaria for walking is Borovets, as it has many attractions. The most beautiful place in this resort is Black Rock. From the cliff, you can see a beautiful view of Europe. In order to climb the Black Rock, it will not be difficult, since there are already many trails and trodden paths. Therefore, anyone can admire the beauty of the mountains. Black Rock is well suited for those who like to walk. Therefore, if you belong to this category, then you should definitely see what Mountain View the Black Rock opens. In addition, the most interesting thing is that you can admire the beauty not only from the cliff, but also on the way to it. You will see beautiful meadows of flowers, green lawns and gorgeous forests. So the walk will let you learn a lot of interesting and mysterious things that Borovets keeps in itself. For many tourists, this is an attractive place where they want to return again.
One of the largest parks in Europe is located in Bulgaria, not far from the Borovets resort. This is the Rila National Park. The park was created in order to preserve the nature of Bulgaria and make it green. This park includes a huge number of hills with a height of 2000 meters above sea level. This area is perfect for tourists with any hobbies. You can have a good time just walking in the park; you can go cycling or horseback riding. That is why tourists choose Borovets. The resort offers great opportunities to see the best places in mysterious Bulgaria. Of course, in order for your holiday to be at the highest level, you need comfort. Car rental will help you provide the best conditions.
Another mountain, Musala, opens up a beautiful view and mysterious meaning. Over the centuries, it changed its name several times, depending on the ruler of the state. Its height is 2925 kilometers, so the view from such a height will not leave you indifferent. Special lifts have been created for tourists so that they can climb from the Borovets resort to this beautiful mountain. Well, those who like to walk can climb it themselves. This will take about seven or eight hours.
Another great place for tourists is the Rila Monastery. Judging by the name, it is immediately clear that it was founded in honor of Ivan Rilski. Due to constant destruction, this monastery has not retained its original appearance. Today, you can see many historical things in it. An excursion to the Rila Monastery will be informative for you.

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From the Borovets resort, many tourists go on excursions to other cities in Bulgaria. You can easily get to the capital of Sofia, as well as to the historical and ancient city of Plovdiv. Bulgaria has largely preserved its historical values, so foreigners always have something to wonder, admire and admire. After all, it is always interesting to plunge into history, and also to visit these places and see with your own eyes the structures that were built many centuries ago. You will remember this vacation for a long time. Bulgaria still has a rich cultural life. The rest will be not only interesting, but also informative and useful.
Borovets is a great ski resort where you can go skiing, improve your health, and enjoy excellent cuisine. Borovets is famous for its many shops, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Just one walk around the resort will give you strength. There are many places of entertainment in this resort that will make your vacation a thousand times better. In addition, active and historical excursions in the immediate vicinity will remain in your memory for a long time. Thanks to the National Park, you will feel the clean air and enjoy the beautiful nature. If you visit here at least once, then you will definitely want to return to this place. The car rental company TS car rentals in Sofia will be with you from the beginning to the end of your booking.

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