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Beklemeto in Bulgaria, or as it is called this picturesque place in the mountains – the Trojan Pass. Located in the western region of the Trojan-Kalofer part of the Stara Planina massif. Beklemeto is located at an altitude of 1,525 meters above sea level.

A paved road passes through the area, which is one of the highest in the Stara Planina mountain range. The road links the village of Kyrnare in southern Bulgaria, with the beautiful town of Troyan in Northern Bulgaria.

The road is winding with many sharp turns. However it has a very beautiful view of the majestic mountains – the landscape is more than picturesque and beautiful. The road lasts 50 km and is the main highway linking Southern Bulgaria with the North.

The highest point of this scenic path is at an altitude of 1565 meters. There is the very area of Beklemeto. Book a rental car in Bulgaria from TS rent a car Sofia and travel to these picturesque places amidst the majesty of the mountains and azure sub-heavens.

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At the site of the crossing of the dividing line of the ridge, on the side of the city of Troyan, is the resort village of Beklemeto, where take place a variety of cozy hotels, cottages and resort for recreation.

The resort has a 2km long alpine ski track, as well as a wonderful ski and biathlon track.

It is perfectly possible to relax not only in winter, but also in summer, when all nature blooms, organized interesting walking trips to the mountains, etc.

During the reign of Trajan Augustus, the construction of the road, near which still exists, there are remains of Roman fortresses.
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Beklemeto is not only a good place for relax and ski sports, but here you can take care of your spiritual condition, just walk among nature, contemplate the change of its colors and light, learn interesting legends and the history of these historical places.

Here are traces of Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines, Turks and Russian soldiers who were here during the Russian-Turkish War.
First of all, you will need to find a place for your stay in Beklemeto. Your choice will be hotels, which are located in the most beautiful places of the city.

There are hotels that can be used for camps, conventions or gatherings. So if you’re going with a large company, it’s easy to find a suitable hotel, one of which is the Beklemeto Hotel.


The hotels in Beklemeto

There are also hotels for not big companies or families. They fully provide comfort. All the best conditions and services will be provided to you.

Beklemeto is perfectly prepared for the reception of guests, so tourists from all over the world come here again and again. The hotel’s service includes a wide variety of entertainment programs.

There are even kindergartens for children, a lot of playgrounds. Entertainment in the form of different restaurants, clubs and discos has also been created for the older generation. Plenty of places to stay.

As hotels are located in places where the air is clean and nature is beautiful, it will be much nicer to be there.

There are also entertainment for sports fans. In addition to the resort itself, hotels and hotels provide you with additional services. Your holiday is sure to take place at the highest level.

Accommodation alternatives

Another privilege of Beklemeto was that you can take a villa or a cottage for a holiday. If you are tired of the bustle of the city, and you just want to relax with your family in silence, then this option is just for you.

The hosts have created the best conditions for visitors, so comfort is guaranteed.

In addition, there is a great view of the mountains. In the morning you will be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air, which is good for health.
If you decide to spend more time skiing, then you will be able to see different trails, places for skiing and lifts on the tops of the mountains. Active pastime in Beklemeto is provided.

The cultural life

The city is full of rich cultural life. It is worth visiting the Museum of Folk Arts and Applied Arts. This museum keeps a lot of interesting things and is always happy to receive new guests. Tourists like to spend their time there and learn about the culture of Bulgaria.

Another place that is popular with tourists is the Church of St. Paraskeva.

The beautiful architectural structure has always attracted visitors to Bulgaria.
One of the largest monasteries in Bulgaria, became the “Trojan Monastery.”

It is not far from Beklemeto, so tourists who came to this city, gladly go on a tour to the monastery.

The amazing architecture has always been admired by all visitors. To this date, it has become a monastery complex that can host guests, and provides the best conditions for their stay. In addition, there are shops, different restaurants and other entertainment nearby.


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The peculiarity of this city are the surprisingly not high prices. Many tourists want to spend their holidays here. Most of all are attracted hotels, which in many respects provide a full vacation and help to feel the beautiful atmosphere that hovers in Bulgaria.

After an active holiday you want to return to a warm and cozy place, drink something hot and enjoy the sauna. Also, you want to always stay in good shape, for this there are fitness centres. Beklemeto hotels provide all the best.

Given all the positive aspects of this resort, it is very popular with tourists and visitors of the country.

From Beklemeto you can also drive a car from the car rental company TS rent a car Bulgaria on a tour to the nearest neighbourhood and admire nature, as well as historical places, which Bulgaria has preserved to this day. Choosing Beklemeto for your holiday, you make the right choice.


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